Bonus Story 1 - Communication

As the three were about to approach Vera, Norio got up.

"It seems you're not feeling too hot; we'll get going now, big brother."

"A-are you sure...?" Rick asked weakly.

Norio gave a nod, then stretched.

"Damnit, Bandages!" Mim huffed.

Larkin quickly covered Cole's ears.

"Language, Mim."

Mim looked at him and let out a sigh.

Cole quickly removed Larkin's hands from his ears and looked up at the adults.

"What're we going to do!?" He cried.

"I suppose we have no other choice other than to follow," Larkin said, letting out a sigh.


"Why'd we have to leave?" Emersyn whined.

"I wanted to play with Maru more..."

Norio ignored her, looking at Vera through the rear-view mirror.

"Oi, Vera."

Vera quickly looked up.

"Tell me what's going on when we get home, okay?"

Vera looked at him, then nodded her head.


As they arrived home, Norio stepped out of the c

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