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By: Faith Osanife OngoingMystery/Thriller

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A murderer. A crazy woman. Is what they all call me. Apparently to me, I'm seeing the dead, which makes me crazy to everyone, but I know I'm not. Being stuck in a psychiatric hospital with a pending murder case at hand is not how I pictured this time of my life. I don't really get it. I am a lot of things that I'm not proud of, but certainly not a murderer. How on earth will I be able to vindicate myself if the dead is making me look like a murderer? How will I be able to vindicate myself when my past ways isn't even something to write home about, and all it can do is just spice up my case? How will I be able to save myself when I, and the dead was never in good terms, and I happen to be the cause of it all? What have I done to myself?


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Oct. 26. Monday.Riele's POVA new morning shows the start of a new day, and a new day shows the start of new activities circling itself in a constant motion, new activities starting all over again.It's a new week, and now, just like every day, and every new week, I'm in school, though except on weekends.I looked around to see everywhere like sardines as students rushed to class for fear of being late.An unsteady motion in the sky made me turn my eyes upward from the crowd. I saw a willowy streak of surge white blooming against the deep blue. A plane was writing high up in the sky. The plane was so far away that at times the strong glare of the sun blanked it from sight.Noiselessly, the tiny plane looped, and swerved, vanishing, and appearing, leaving behind it a long trail of a white plume of smoke. A Plume of smoke that grew swelled, and slowly began to fade into the air at the edges"HEY! HEY! HEY!" I heard.I looked away from the sky, and back to Earth. The sharp precision of
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RIELE'S POV.I'm a very popular girl in my town. My name is something that rings in every ear. Mainly for bad, but who knows for good.There is equally nothing that I'm not invited to. That name Riele Evans is unforgettable.And just like every day in school, at exactly this time, it's lunch hour."We were talking about something in class before we got interrupted." I turned to Ashley as we both sat on a vacant seat, dropping our lunch on the table."What is it you were saying about my boyfriend?" Ashley continued."You do not want to know, Ash," Liz answered. She, and Karen sitting opposite me, and Ashley, equally dropping their lunches.I looked at her as she sat facing me."And besides," Karen began, making me turn to her, as she kept her eyes on Ashley. "What's there to ask? Riele already made it plain enough. Your boyfriend cheated, or is cheating on you."Ashley let out a shaky breath. "I...I can't believe this. How did you find out?"I looked at her."That's a pretty stupid que
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Riele's POV.Walking along the streets on my way home, I couldn't help but try to come up with an idea of a costume that will suit me.Something different, and somewhat scary.Somehow, it's a lot to ponder on especially when it's just four days away. It always seems to catch me unaware.Damn Jordan that couldn't remind me sooner.I sighed, and my eyes faced the sky, looking as a few big white clouds drifted. It's like it called me to look even without my realization.Instinctively, I looked away from the sky as a car whizzing past on rubber tires got my attention. Every slight movement of people and things always seems to evoke a casual curiosity in me.I looked around seeing different unknown people walking passed me. The only thing same are the people that stays in their shops to earn a living.Another car passed gaining back my attention. Automatically, my eyes always follow each car as it whirred over the smooth black asphalt.I sighed again knowing I'm going back home with no one
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Elizabeth POV.It's funny to experience the kind of unfair world we're living in.Who would've thought? I would never have thought that my enemy would be my family.What betrayal? I guess it's so impossible for such a hidden thing stays hidden when there is someone like Riele.It's not like I'm not happy about finding out the truth, it's just so downright painful to hear, especially from Riele.She seems perfect. She acts perfect, even though looking at her, you'll know she isn't.Everything she does is always for a reason. Probably to keep herself protected.I would never have accepted her hand as a friend, but I still did, because I know she'll make high school hell for me.But then, do I hate her?That's a tricky question. We've been friends for two years now, so I know her underneath.She's just a girl with a bad attitude but knows who are friends are.She equally has instinct. She knows why she doesn't like you, and she knows why she does.Sometimes I doubt it, though. A lot of p
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RIELE'S POV.Oct. 27. Tuesday.Wow. It's a new day again. I wonder the gift this day will bring except being in school and listening to lectures all day.I opened my locker and placed my books inside."Riele!" Karen called me.I looked at her after locking my locker."I've been wondering how it is to live alone for the past few days. I thought your mom was gonna arrive yesterday." She said.I scoffed. "She didn't, but it's no big deal, though she said she's definitely coming back today."She nodded. "I'm sure someone like you can take care of yourself."I gave her a look. Someone like me, ah?She noticed and cowered."So, what are we doing after school?" She asked, changing the issue."I'm going shopping. I need to find the best Halloween outfit for me." I informed.She gaped and nodded. "It does seem that's something we are gonna do solo since our outfits are gonna be kept secret between the four of us."I nodded in agreement. Karen checked her wristwatch. "I need to go. I'm having
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ASHELY'S POVI looked at my so called boyfriend, as I've been doing for a long time now, and it hurts to know of his betrayal.I don't even know what to say, or how to answer him on how I found out, but can I still be with him? I love him really. How can he betray me?I'm really hoping there is an excuse for it. I'm really hoping. I can't start throwing tantrums yet, right? Not at something I haven't seen just because my source was from Riele."Ashely. You've been quiet." He complained.I sighed deeply. I have to ask. I really have to, even though Riele said I shouldn't.I felt a slight lessening of nervous tension, and swallowed. "I heard something, and I wanna be sure." I paused. "Are you cheating on me with another girl?" I dropped.He furrowed his brows. "What? W..who the hell gave you that lie?" He shook his head. "I didn't. I didn't cheat on you with any girl."Is it a lie?"You are not cheating on me?" I asked again.He nodded. "Yeah. I'm not. I love you, so I can't."I looked
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FLASHBACK. (RIELE'S POV.)This is so surreal. I sat on my seat in class as I heard everyone having different opinions, creating rumors, and whispering all sorts of things about what happened to Dean.What actually happened to Dean? What is my own opinion?Yeah. I do have mine. I have my own thoughts on the unfortunate path Dean must have taken without his realization, because I know what he was accused of wasn't true.I know, and what I happen to know, I trust. If I don't believe something, then I don't believe it, and I don't believe Dean was the culprit in this situation.Something else is involved, but what is? Cause things doesn't happen too easily, and if he was actually the culprit, then he should have tried not to get himself caught.I watched as everyone flocked into the classroom, then my eyes landed on Dean's best friend. Levi Walker.He must be going through a lot after what happened to his friend. It is even surprising how the situation went viral.I smiled knowing he trie
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Riele's POV.Walking out from school, a bang of thunder got the attention of everyone, followed by heavy wind.I sighed, wrapping my arms around myself. I'm not wanting rain in the moment."Do you think there is any need to go shopping? There are other days." Karen complained."You're going shopping for Halloween costume today?" Liz asked looking at me narrowingly, and I nodded."Why didn't you inform us?" Ashely asked disappointedly.Heavy wind passed again causing goosebumps to rise on my skin, and stopping my hair from being calm, and steady."I was going to inform you guys, but I kinda forgot." I confessed releasing my hands, and trying to tend to my hair."Then let's go together." Liz suggested.Karen bumped her lightly. "If we go together then we are equally telling each other our costumes."I nodded in agreement shoving my hands in my jacket pockets."Well, going together doesn't mean we can't hide our costumes from each other." Ashely said as a matter of fact.I tilted my head
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Riele's POV.FLASHBACK."The math homework I gave you guys should be submitted before the day is completely over." Our math teacher, Mr. Jones said, and we all nodded.I knew he was reffering to Liz, since Liz happens to be the class president this term.I voted for her, because I know she deserves the position. She's a walking thesaurus anyways.The teacher left the class, while everyone started packing out, and dropping their math homework on Liz's desk. I equally did the same, followed by Karen, and Ashely.Karen, and Ashely stood up with their things, and left the class.They always involve themselves in school activities.I looked at Liz, as she heartily concentrate on arranging the papers in front of her.I sighed, and brooded over what I found out. My mind whirling with images born of a multitude of impulses.My eyes couldn't stop staring at Liz, and my mind couldn't stop contemplating the flood of sad feelings that would spring forth out of her when she finds out exactly what
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Oct. 28. Wednesday.Riele's POV.Walking inside the Café doorway, I immediately walked to my best spot. A couch leaning on a wall with a wide window on top of it.I sat down on the couch, and my friends followed behind. Karen sat beside me while Ashley, and Liz sat opposite. A table situated between us."Aren't we ordering?" Karen asked.I just shrugged, and crossed my legs."Well, I need americano." Liz pointed, her hands folded on the table."If you're helping, Karen, I'll need mocha latte." Ashley included leaning on the chair.Karen nodded, and faced me. "What do you need?""Just decaf." I told her.She stood, and walked up to the counter."Ever since yesterday, Riele. My mind couldn't stop thinking."My forehead puckered, and I looked at Liz. "What do you mean?""I'm curious." She said."About what?" I asked still befuddled at what she meant."About wanting to know what you have against Jules. It must be pretty big."I rolled my eyes, and a huge sigh came out of me. It turns out
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