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By: Sweet_SourKiwi OngoingMystery/Thriller

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Mystery, action, killer and bloody romance, prepare your heart before reading, some scenes may disturbing. ******* The deepest mind of humans is scary, you can never know how deep it was even it's your own mind, and everybody really has dark matter floating around their chest and just wait the very right time to explode. Dakota Sorrenson, a profiler, a young man with the deepest mind who knows how the dark mind works, thought his life never going to be so weird more than he was until a package with hand arrive at his office, someone being playing the mind with him. While Sam Danson is a fine young cold head detective, his sharp and deep analysis of the criminal is different from how Dakota sees it, together they try to figure out every step of the sadistic crime with an unthinkable method has been done. This is getting darker and full of mystery, unsolved crimes and unthinkable results, it's full of nerve cracking, get ready for the worse than you can even think about.


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.... Every moment that passes is very important, the earth is spinning very fast, and your steps may be too small to keep up with it. Imagine, how long does it take you to wake up every morning and move, twenty minutes? how long did you eat, fifteen minutes? Then, multiply how many times a day do you eat? How long have you been joking, or sitting at your desk doing whatever is important to you, maybe an hour, two hours, or eight hours? When you get home, how long do you think it will take people to wait for a bus or taxi by the side of the road, fifteen minutes, or half an hour? Or quick stop at the convenience store to enjoy your snack, just brew some noodles and sit for a while, maybe, just twenty minutes, then, do you ever think how long all that time goes on. And, how long do you think it takes for a person to breathe his life? No, the most appropriate question is, how long does it take one person, to take another person's life? Maybe, it just needs a few seconds. ..........
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Case 00
"Sreng!" The sound of the metal door creaking against the cold floor. In the dark and cold room, three by three with almost no lights visible in, the only light coming through was from the barred holes near the ceiling. The isolation guarded cells at a top high-security prison. Warden opened the door and entered, the prisoner was sitting handcuffed in the corner. Although it's under maximum security, the person who was exiled in an isolation room out from the lights and noises was still handcuffed. A smirk could be heard from the person sitting behind the light as two officers pulled him, still in handcuffs, out of the room. "Let's go!" ...... That prison was designed to prevent inmates from escaping, but getting in was the same as difficult getting out, with multiple layers of security guards and CCTV everywhere. That afternoon Dakota was accompanied by a man in his fifties, his face was covered with small hairs from not shaved for several days, he's Thomas, a senior detectiv
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a Package
Not long after, at the gate of the high-level prison. A warden escorted Dakota and Thomas through the gates. "What he's done to be locked in solitary confinement? He looks to enjoy it" Asked Thomas, the warden, Carlos, his position was equivalent to the supervisor, a few levels below the chief. "He challenged one of the convicts who was sentenced to life here, they could just finish him off but this guy was insane, he did not hesitate to stab the prisoner who was twice from him so easily with a plastic fork, if no one separated them he might finish the man without too many efforts" he replied. Thomas smirked. "He's a madman, is there anyone else who dares to fight him?" "Hehe after this no one will dare to even know him" Carlos smirked. After that Thomas and Dakota moved towards the parking area in front of the large gate of the prison. Thomas stood for a moment in front of the car looking at Dakota. He frowned at how the young man could be so calm, even though he already knew
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My Hand For You
The sun has just sparked at the huge metal beam at the building construction site. The camera shutter dominates the scene. Sam approached Emma who was first arriving, as usual. A charred body was found by the construction foreman as he started his shift that morning, hanging from the end of the crane with the big chain, still with a slight smoke billowing from its black body. Several officers from the police had to use special security equipment to retrieve the body. Even after getting close, they were still struggling because the chains binding the body were still hot from the burning residue. Sam shook his head. "Heh they are so innovative huh, doing the killing in such a spectacular way, amazing, what is this some kind of competition?" Emma took a deep breath, she'd been wearing her latex gloves a while now, but the poor body was still hanging there. "You think this is some kind of competition?" "Well if it's not, then what? Once a week there are strange and saddest killin
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Over Cooked
Autopsy room. Emma pulled off the cover, the poor body so charred that it wasn't clear whether it was a woman or a man, a body whose bones were almost visible with blackened flesh like overcooked steak, initial result does show its female. Her whole body was blackened, some bones were even visible between the flesh that had almost turned to charcoal. Her eyes widened as if they were about to fall from the socket, the eyelids were burnt out, to the point of the poor eye screamed to the seconds of her life ripped from her body. Her hands were still in the initial position lowered, both in a tied position over her head. That's what Emma and other coroners were trying to fix at least to make its position back to normal before the follow-up autopsy was carried out. Smoke was still slightly rising from between the bones as if its overcooked meat. Sam entered with Dakota. Emma approached with her note sheet containing the data she had collected. "This is the report result about the bod
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A Consultant
"Erm well, that's what I thought too Dax," said Sam. Dakota looked at the board carefully, every picture in front of him might give them a very important clue. "Heh, the actor wants to show how he can put on such a big show and how they managed to end it perfectly, they are even willing to do dangerous things to show how high their confidence level is, the thing is, in this world, there is no such as a perfect crime" " I know! It's like one of the titles of your lectures, that is very famous, right? I've watched the video over and over again, it's really cool, Prof, eh Dakota" exclaimed Rina. Sam turned to Rina, frowning asking what the young woman meant. "Which video?" "That' one, the title is 'no crime is perfect' so in lecture Dakota gave examples of some tough murder cases that were almost unsolvable, but even though no culprit was found, the crime was still imperfect, because some evidence was left, only it will take time for the real culprit to be caught, and as time goes o
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Sam was still sitting in his office. It's eight o'clock in the evening and his eyeball hasn't moved yet from staring at the whiteboard ever since, lifting his head when he sees Dakota appear at the door. "Dax, why don't you just go home?" Dakota approached and looked at some of the photos that Sam and the team had arranged on the board. He just keeps being calm and quiet, as he used to be, just observing carefully with forehead furrowed deeply, sometimes Sam has a little doubt does this young man heard him or not. Sam came out of his desk with a plastic bag filled with a piece of a letter in the package that Dakota had received. "Do you recognize this handwriting? This letter was really addressed to you, I'm afraid that person might still be following your every step, you should be careful Dax, I haven't sent it to the lab because I want to know what you think about this" Dakota glanced at the clear plastic in Sam's hand, the letter with a paper in light pink base colour, the wo
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Bad Dream
"Eckkh" his neck was pressed tightly, the two big hands were choking him as hard as he could, making him hard to breathe. Dakota tried to break off the hand but he couldn't, his strength was nothing compared to the big figure who sat on his chest and strangled him with both of his big hands. He was short of breath, no matter how hard he tried to draw his breath was running out, soon he might die, he thought. But... He opened his eyes wide and could only see the darkness around him, his breath was heavy, but at least he could breathe again, that was just a dream, it was his bed, his room. A dream, it was the same repeated dream that keeps stuck in his mind all this time, as if it was real, he could die from it, some kind of trauma, which is too much for him. As a psychiatrist, he could read the deepest thoughts of every first-class criminal's brain he had worked with but he missed the most important thing, once he even opened some free consultation sections at the social institutio
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Past Tense
Rina handed a piece of report paper in front of Sam. "Then, what was the result?" Sam frowned after reading the test results on the paper which caused Dakota's hand to almost get burned. "Sulfur? Again?" Rina nodded. "Yes, the substance was neatly folded in a piece of paper and spread when Dakota read it, we've been keeping it in plastic so there's very little physical contact" Sam straightened up in his seat. "Well also because Dakota has a severe allergic reaction to some chemicals like this, so for him it will be more severe, I touched it too and didn't feel anything, the package sender seems to know Dakota so well, that he knows such details, this is very worrying" Rina pointed at Dakota's desk. "Is the wound really serious? Does he need someone to take care of him at home? Oh It's a pity he's alone in the apartment, he can't definitely cook with a hand like that, it seems like I have to go there and take care of him" Sam looked at Rina sharply. "Don't mess around, you'r
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A Show
Claudia was depressed, and deeply obsessed with Dakota, she went mad when the young man said they were just a friend, but the girl want more than that. She goes crazy every time someone comes near Dakota and holds his hand, she was often getting into catfights because of the young man. The girl can't stand it anymore, up into one long night, she put sleeping pills on the young man's drink and took him out of town. There was no news for two days, until one day Dakota managed to contact her, saying that Claudia might be in trouble. Claudia killed a young man who she said was going to rape her and stabbed him dozens of times. What Dakota said was the exact opposite, he couldn't be lying if it was Claudia who killed the young man for trying to help Dakota escape. A young woman, who seemed delicate and helpless, but can kill without blinking, while everyone thought she was just a weak young girl. Although Dakota's testimony was doubted by some people including Katrin as her sister, the e
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