“Hey,” Chris greeted as Rick walked in the door.

“Yo, thanks a ton for babysitting.” Rick smiled.

“Nah, no problem, dude, ‘sides, she fell asleep,” Chris said, pointing to the couch with Maru fast asleep on it.

“By the way,” Chris began.

“I wanted to tell you; I went digging through her files,” he then paused.

“Her Birthday is in like, three days.”

Rick quickly looked up.

“Eh!?” He cried.

Chris quickly raised a finger to silence him.

“Yeah, according to her files, it’s on the seventeenth of October.”

Rick looked around frantically.

“I don’t have time, I mean, I don’t have time to put together a party an-”

Chris shot him a look.

“Yeah, and that’s where the four of us come in!” He smirked.

“The huh...?” Rick asked, giving a confu

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