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By: tobih daniels OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation for nearly 20 years, it always goes ride or die with Ben John. Even after the death of his wife and his son cutting him off his well-being, Ben never stopped working even when he was faced with a big task. This time, another day begins for Ben as a group of terrorists are attempting to release bioweapons into the city. Ben with the help of the FBI must do all in its power to stop the attack and also make sure the peace treaty between the government of Nigeria and ghana goes smoothly, however, Ben is faced with good and bad decisions to make...

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  • jadcowbell


    wow... Just wow ... I'm loving this book, the character, settings, and plots. They are just amazing!!!

    2023-02-19 04:51:23
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To my exquisite readers, I'll love for you to read the characters assigned for this novel but if you're bored and unwilling to, it's fine. Just flip to the next CHAPTER and start enjoying an incredible and intriguing novel.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~#Chractersfrom24hours BEN JOHNBen John is a seasoned Field Agent, boasting an impressive track record of over 20 years of service with the prestigious FBI. Throughout his distinguished career, Ben has proven to be an exceptional asset, consistently excelling in his assignments and earning the trust and admiration of his colleagues.KENDRA ORLANDO DANIELS Kendra Daniels, originally known as Kendra Orlando, is a highly accomplished and talented data analyst hailing from Nigeria. Although born in the vibrant city of Las Vegas, America, Kendra's roots trace back to her Nigerian heritage, which has shaped her life and career.With an impressive career spanning at least 16 years, Kendra has been a prominent figure within the Federal Bure
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#TheBegining #Preface #BenJohn7:45:59 AM...As he descended the stairs, his surroundings appeared hazy and surreal, like an unsettling dream. But his focus was drawn to a distressing sight downstairs – a figure lying motionless in a pool of blood. Without a second thought, he rushed towards her, desperate to save her.but his efforts were interrupted by the appearance of two menacing figures, towering over him, guns pointed in his direction, their wicked laughter echoing through the air. The deafening sound of gunshots pierced the silence, and Ben jerked awake, beads of sweat forming on his forehead, and his breath heavy with fear.His face bore a mix of apprehension and confusion, his furrowed eyebrows revealing the lingering distress from the nightmare. However, his thoughts were interrupted by the jarring noise of his phone's alarm, shattering the remnants of the dream.Jumping out of bed, Ben hastily silenced the alarm, realizing he had overslept. The time on his phone displayed 7:
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#DAY 1-2 The following takes place between 8 AM and 10 AM. Events occur in real time...~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Time: 08:05:15 AMLagos... Lagos is a major African financial centre and is the economic hub of Lagos state and Nigeria at large. The megacity has the fourth-highest GDP in Africa and houses one of the largest and busiest seaports on the continent. It is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world.The bustling city of Lagos, with its towering buildings, busy streets, and lively people, stood as the financial centre of Africa. Amid the sea of vehicles, a BMW skidded through the palm groove road, its engine roaring like a fierce tiger, racing towards Maryland. But the traffic lights brought the car to a halt, causing a momentary stillness amidst the city's frenzy.Buildings lined the streets, adorned with billboards advertising everything from Pepsi to baby diapers and upcoming concerts. Pedestrians hustled along the pavements, some on their way to work, others seeking
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CHAPTER TWO - The Presidential Villa
#AsoRockTime: 08:25:32 AMLocation: ASO ROCKAso Rock, a majestic granitic outcrop on the outskirts of Abuja, Nigeria's capital, loomed tall and proud. Rising 400 meters above the ground, with a peak height of 936 meters above sea level, it stood as a prominent monolith, a symbol of the city. The level of security surrounding this important location was unparalleled, boasting more than 200 vigilant security agents, including police, army, DSS, and others.Inside the President's office, a well-arranged room displayed the aura of a leader dedicated to education. A portrait of the President adorned one wall, while a bookshelf filled with various volumes hinted at his passion for learning. At the far end of the room, a resolute desk stood, a symbol of strength and determination. The office's three south-facing windows were fortified with bulletproof glass, adding an extra layer of protection. Concrete walls served as a formidable barrier against potential threats.The President himself, a
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#Fbi #Lagos #lead #Billwilliams #KendraDanielsTime: 8:34:23 AM Location: Federal Bureau of Investigation branch situated in the capital of Lagos.The FBI's branch in Lagos stood tall and imposing across the Allen axis, boasting an impressive 2,800,876 square feet (260,210 m2) of internal space. It was a secure fortress, equipped with state-of-the-art amenities and a system of elevators and corridors to keep public tours separate from the operations inside. The building extended three floors below ground, and its underground parking garage catered to the busy agents working there. The design of the structure featured a distinctive eight-story height on the northwest side and eleven stories on the southeast side. Two wings connected the main buildings, forming a trapezoidal courtyard. The exterior, constructed of buff-colored precast and cast-in-place concrete, displayed repetitive, square, bronze-tinted windows set deep in concrete frames. All of this surrounded the central hub known
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CHAPTER FOUR - Crime Scene
#Crimescene #AlbdulMuiz #Hakeem #Kelvin*Subtitled In English and Hausa Language*Time: 08:56:44 AMDespite the imposing walls surrounding the warehouse, it was evident that security was tight with at least five armed guards stationed strategically. The men were equipped with sophisticated firearms, ensuring that the compound was heavily guarded. One guard stood watch at the gate with a rifle, while two others were positioned at the entrance of the large industrial gate leading inside. The remaining two guards patrolled the compound, maintaining vigilance for any signs of suspicious activity.Inside the warehouse, a vast collection of dangerous weapons lay stored inside wooden crates and on various surfaces. Axes, knives, daggers, grenades, pistols, rifles of different types, shotguns, AK-47s, AK-49s, snipers, and even sets of bazookas were present. Additionally, individuals who appeared to be religious men, identifiable by the black spots on their heads, long beards, and attire, had t
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CHAPTER FIVE - Crime Scene 2
#Crimescene #FBI #Jumia #Attack #AmbiushTime: 9:25:32 AMLocation: Federal Bureau of InvestigationThe FBI's Branch buzzed with activity as employees bustled about, clutching files and working on their computers. Some manned the entrances, dressed uniformly in wine shirts and black trousers, their eyes scanning for any signs of trouble.Bill emerged from his office, descending the stairs with his hands gripping the railings for support. When he reached the middle of the stairs, he halted, facing the bustling crowd in the cortex. With a commanding voice, he called for their attention."May I have everyone's attention, please?" The room fell silent as all eyes turned to him, some sitting, others standing."Thank you," he said, adjusting his stance. "As you're all aware, our country, particularly this state, is facing a critical situation, and we've been given the mandate to apprehend those behind these attacks." He paused, scanning the attentive faces before continuing. "We have a lead,
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CHAPTER SIX - Previously on 24
Previously on 24:The president appears to be concerned about the attack that occurred at Shoprite last week. The Chief of Staff assures him that the security agencies are actively working on the situation, but it will require some time. Meanwhile, Bill, the Director of the FBI's branch, is under pressure with an hour ultimatum to apprehend the culprits behind the attacks. Adding to his troubles, he is having a conflict with his daughter. Fortunately, the FBI receives a lead on Muiz's whereabouts.In the meantime, Muiz is progressing with phase two of his plan, unaware of the impending threat posed by Ben and his team. Unexpectedly, they launch an attack, catching Muiz off guard. As a result, his son Jakeem is now on the run, along with what he referred to as "plan 2." After deciphering this second plan, Ben contacts the Aso Rock.The following takes place between 10 AM and 12 PM~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Time: 10:03:20AMLocation: Outside the radiography warehouseOutside the radiogr
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CHAPTER SEVEN - Information.
#Information #Chapter7 #Livemeeting ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Time: 10:15:02AMLocation: Federal Bureau of Investigation The office buzzed with the usual activity, people glued to their screens or wandering about, lost in their thoughts. Hakeem rushed into the building, his heart pounding. He navigated through security and made his way toward the cortex, clutching a white coffee cup in one hand and a stack of paperwork in the other. His brown handbag dangled from his shoulder. Hakeem has the look of a typical Lagos boy, but he hailed from Katsina state, much like a Canadian actress with roots in Pakistan. As he approached the entrance to the cortex, he noticed there was no guard on duty. In a hurry, he pushed the glass door with his shoulder, spilling some coffee in the process. He quickened his pace to his desk, hoping to avoid Bill's scrutiny. But fate had other plans; he accidentally bumped into Nick, who was heading to a meeting. Coffee splashed; papers scattered. "Woah! W
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#Chaptereight #thevirus #meeting~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Chief of Army Staff persisted, wanting answers to his question. "Mr. John, you haven't answered my question yet. What kind of virus are we talking about?" His question hung in the air, momentarily silencing Bill and his coworkers. Ben let out a sigh before delivering the unsettling news. "Sir, I'm sorry to say, but we're dealing with something we all know as the coronavirus." His words fell like a lead weight, and disbelief swept over the faces of Mr. President and his cabinet. The Chief of Army Staff, who had leaned forward, now sank back into his chair, a narrow look etched on his face. Still in shock, the governor, connected via video link from Lagos, muttered, "Mr. John, if I heard you correctly, you're saying there's a deadly virus, known as the coronavirus, right here in our city, ready to be released?" Ben affirmed the grim truth, "Yes, Mr. Governor." His sharp response left the entire cabinet in a state of disarray
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