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By: Ciroro OngoingMystery/Thriller

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History says that humans encounter an eye of destiny whenever they are in the midst of dying. It's either a blessing or a curse, a destiny or a mistake. The eye is given to you, as a sign or reward that you just strive through death. An eye where you can see when a human's death awaits. But will you intervene in the things that are already arranged just to save someone? In exchange for your life? An eye who can see Fate, Fate that deities already planned. Is it a blessing or a curse? Fate.

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That voice
Ishikawa Kioshi's POVThe moment the car was suddenly struck with some sort of light, I assumed that we were all going to die. The hood crumbled like a piece of paper, pieces of the car and windshield broke off. As it was we barely had time to scream and before the airbags knocked both of my parents. I hugged Mio, my little sister who is sitting beside me and at the same time the car tumbled over and over so many times I had become disorientated before I even sustained the concussion that had me drifting in and out of consciousness before coming to an absolute stop. Silence; it scared me more than the pain.I don't know how to feel, if I am scared, nervous, worried or thinking that I might not be able to live again, all I can hear is my heart beating fast. Those fearful expressions, screams wrapped in fear and nervousness. I didn't hear all of that because of the excessive force of the impact but I knew in myself that I could feel everything, everything that happened. Things are going
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The eye
The accident played over and over again in my mind. I saw what happened to my parents, the car crashing, the shattering of glass and the fearful expression of Mio as I hugged her. And the strange voice I heard."(Inaudible voice in an unknown language)""MIO !!" I shouted loudly as I suddenly got up from my bed while catching my breath.I suddenly felt nervousness and fear as I trembled while sweat continued to drip down my body."That accident again." I whispered while calming myself.I felt as if something wrapped around my right eye along with my head. I touched my right eye as my head suddenly ached. I closed my eyes and touched my head in pain. I folded my legs tightly while writhing in pain at the same time remembering what had happened. All of the memories from the accident are fastly playing in my mind, things and events I saw in the accident all of that one by one I remember it all again."Mio .. M-mio .." I called my little sister again and again while suffering in pain."M-
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I. A dream or should I say a nightmare
As I watched the sky from the window of my room I still remember the things that happened last night. What happened to Okamoto Chiaki and about my eyes. Even if it is vague to think that it is all true because I only suddenly experienced and saw it for the first time, I knew in myself that I was ok and I felt ok at those times, so how? Is that one of the hallucinations? Illusion? Or just my imagination? But based on what Koizumi-san said it is not possible for my right eye to see anymore because it is completely blinded but what is that?"Is it just a side effect? ​​But it can't be that it's side effect is to suddenly see stuff and what's more the thing that I saw is not merely what an ordinary human would see." I mumbled to myself while I kept on thinking about everything that had happened."Am I crazy? Or did my head get bumped to something? But the thing that I saw basically felt real but how did that happen if it's already blind?" I kept mumbling to myself."Onii-chan." I was star
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I accidentally changed it
After lunch I still do not forget all that happened.While I was in the middle of thinking about what was happening, someone visited us at the hospital.*Knock* *Knock*"I guess, it's already the weekend." I mumbled to myself.When I said that, the door opened and then I saw Nao."Yo, Kio I'm here to pay a visit." He said."Obviously." I replied in a sarcastic tone."I guess, the accident didn't shake your head much because you still talk sarcastically." He jokingly said as he chuckled. And we both laugh."Seriously, are you feeling ok?" He asked."What do you mean by that?" I ask. Nao's question is kinda creepy.Nao is my cousin slash best friend. We always get along because we are the same age but Nao is often a serious and straightforward person."Hahaha, about your eye dude." He answered while pointing at his eye."I thought you learn gaysh*ts, while I was gone hahaha." I jokingly said."Hahahaha, funny dude but seriously what happened to your eye? It's quite noticeable since it c
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I. The identity in that dream, I mean nightmare
As I watched the faceless girl with a creepy smile, Nao suddenly called me."Kio." He said then he tapped my shoulder.I felt shivers down my spine. As I blinked I was back to reality like the time was back to normal too. And it disappeared next to Mio and I never saw it in those moments again."Is that a hallucination? But if it's the same with my right eye, that's not a hallucination." I mumbled to myself.When I finally realized that the first thing I saw was not a hallucination and that it was something new."Is this one related to that dream?" I asked myself in my mind, because I first saw this figure in my dream.I kinda creeped out as I saw it for the second time but the fact that I didn't inspect its clothes again didn't get me anything necessary. It looks like I'm starting to be shocked by the thing I see because what I see is not normal.I realized that almost everything that was happening to me was linked to my right eye. As with Chiaki-chan and the boy, both of them are ab
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Home sweet home?
Mio just woke me up from my deep sleep, as if that was my only sensible sleep after the accident. Many strange things happened after that. That caused me to rarely sleep, especially when that dream happened. Many have been running through my mind since the accident and I no longer know where to start and how to know these sudden events.I got up from lying down and stretched out my arm while yawning."So this is the day that we can go home huh?" I whispered in my mind.I looked at Mio and smiled at her as I messed up her hair."Mio, let's pack our things first." I said while smiling at her.Mio just nodded in response. Koizumi-san said that Nao brought all our belongings to the hospital. He brought everything we needed. He didn't even say anything when he visited us yesterday. I kinda want to apologize to him that we made him worried but I know Nao he would not say such things because he knew what I would do when I found out.According to Koizumi-san, Koizumi-san called Nao to the hos
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Greek Numerals
"Nii ...""Nii-chan.""NII-CHAN !!" Someone shouted that suddenly woke me up.I suddenly raised my head because of that shout. I looked where those voices came from and I saw Mio standing in front of me."Wha-what happened ??" I panicked because of her sudden shout."Nii-chan, let's eat. I'm hungry." She said as she kept on pulling my hand to make me stand up."Ok, I'll prepare something to eat so go wash up already." I said as I stood up tiredly while stretching my body to make the pain go away.*Ding Dong*Our doorbell rang. Someone is outside. I gestured to Mio to see who had come and opened it."Who is that visiting us early in the morning?" I mumbled as I rubbed my eyes while yawning.I checked on the time and rolled my eyes over and over to see the time clearly. I was so surprised to see the time."Crap! It's already 5:30 AM. We're going to be late." I mumbled as I rushed to the kitchen.I quickly opened our refrigerator and looked inside. Take out everything that can be cooked
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II. Another dream or should I say a nightmare
That night I started researching Greek Numerals. I grabbed my laptop and opened it. Opened the browser and then started typing the words Greek Numerals."Greek numerals are a system of representing numbers using letters of the Greek alphabet. They are also known by the names Milesian numerals, Alexandrian numerals, or alphabetic numerals. In modern Greece, they are still in use for ordinal numbers, and in much the same way that Roman numerals are in the West; for ordinary (cardinal) numbers, Arabic numerals are used. "As Hans said at school earlier, Greek Numerals are systems that describe numbers using the letters of the Greek Alphabet as in Roman Numerals.[Flashback]"Kioshiiii !!" Someone shouted while running towards me, its Hans. But then he suddenly stopped when he saw what was written on my notebook.He immediately took the notebook to my desk and then he looked closely. While seemingly thinking and looking for the answer to what is written. Suddenly his face lit up saying "I
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That disappearing again
I suddenly woke up at my desk and almost fell into my seat. The light coming from outside was peeking out of my window."It's already morning." I uttered to myself.I felt pain in my neck and even in my back because I fell asleep at the table while searching for information on the internet.That faceless girl with a creepy smile again, but she is different now. It looks like the dream I had today is as old as I am."But who am I now in that dream?" I mumbled to myself.Because my identity in that dream was different from before. I have experienced it twice even though I didn't know who I was there at first and now it happened to me again. What I just noticed now is that the identities of the two are different and also different places but the same thing is that it both happened at school."But what's my identity in both of those dreams?" The question I thought in my mind. The question that remains unanswerable.While I was busy thinking about what was happening to me, someone suddenly
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I. Kiishi-kun
As I watched his neck I forgot the things that were going on around me. It was as if this was all I could see. I stared hard at his disappearing or fading neck, as this was only the second time I had seen it."Prezz !!" Kouki shouted.I came back to myself because of Kouki's voice. I was stuck in my deep thoughts that I had forgotten what was happening. I calmed myself down first and then thought of things to do in this situation."Kouki and Hans, go carry Yuna and Yumi. Bring them to the infirmary immediately." I said seriously.First, Yuna and Yumi's wounds need to be treated. I need to make sure they aren't seriously injured and they are probably ok. Secondly, I need to save the student they are holding and maybe something might happen to him that will make the fading of his neck happen.But because of Kouki's shouting and my ordering of Hans and Kouki we got their attention. They immediately approached me and touched the collar of my uniform. Nao was readying himself to punch him
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