A sublime Love.

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A sublime Love.

By: Ahli Kokou Daniel KPONTON OngoingOther

Language: English

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Enemy of the Sinaloa Cartel Aliyan fell in love with a woman called Bendis who turns out to be the daughter of the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, which he did not know at the beginning of their relationship. After knowing Bendis' family, he realized that this family does not love him after twisted blows that began with injustice. Accused of killing a man whom Yannick Bendis' brother had killed Aliyan began to flee the world. One morning after returning from a trip, Bendis came to welcome her man when she was shot in the stomach. This made Aliyan angry to the point of declaring war on Bendis' family starting with a clandestine marriage with Bendis.

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A sublime Love, chapter 1
Nous sommes à San José. - Tu es mon porteur de lumière, je ne peux pas te laisser aller à quelqu'un qui est en colère contre nous deux. - C'est mon père, Aliyan. Ne soyez pas … - Ton père ? Dois-je te rappeler que ce pervers a essayé de nous faire exploser avec ma voiture ? - Tiens, je te rappelle que c'est de mon père qu'on parle, hein. - Et puisque c'est de ton père dont on parle ici, tu viens ici. Je vais vous y emmener moi-même. Aliyan a conduit Bendis chez son père et l'a attendue dans la voiture devant l'immense maison de M. Wilfried. Bendis est venue clarifier les choses avec son père et l'informer que s'il se mêle à nouveau de sa romance avec Aliyan, lui et elle seront en guerre et ce ne sera pas bon à voir. La discussion a été très tendue entre les deux car le bruit a atteint les femmes de chambre et la mère de Bendis Madame Françoise. C'est comme ça que sa maman est descendue du sol pour la voir mais elle était sur le point de partir quand sa maman l'a trouvée sur le
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A Sublime Love, chapter 2
Bendis mourns the tears of her body in a deep pain that she confesses to him she could suffer everything with him but says that he regrets all the way they have taken it is a broken heart to no longer believe in love and life. She was so above that she got up from the floor to find herself in the shower sitting underwater. She lets water pass over her long body in order to soothe her heart. While Bendis is there dying with pain because she thinks back to their past Aliyan went to the parking lot of a building where he could observe the moon in its brightness. He thought from one time to another and found himself claiming to have hurt Bendis. He saw himself again and think about the word he had told to her and decided to go home to see Bendis. Meanwhile at Mr. Wilfried's house is quiet like a cemetery when Yannick returned. Arriving, he will give a kiss to Mrs. Françoise who is sitting in the couch returning her nails clean. His mother asked him if he saw his little sister Bendis duri
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A sublime Love, chapter 3
Arrivé au chantier sur lequel M. Wilfried a envoyé son fils Yannick il s'aperçoit que les travaux sont arrêtés. Ne comprenant rien, il appelle un des ouvriers pour plus d'informations. Puis ils lui ont dit qu'un monsieur vient d'arrêter le travail car selon lui les ouvriers ne sont pas dans les bonnes conditions pour travailler et le risque d'accident est trop élevé. L'homme n'avait pas fini de prévenir Yannick quand Aliyan se présente. En le voyant, Yannick s'énerve et commence à lui crier dessus ce qu'il fait là et pourquoi il est venu. Aliyan l'a laissé dire toutes sortes d'insultes jusqu'à ce qu'il ait fini. - Je t'assure que si tu tentes un mauvais coup là tu le regretteras, Aliyan. - Oh non, je n'en ai pas l'intention. Enfin, pas pour l'instant car je vais te laisser prouver ta loyauté envers ton père. - Sors d'ici! Je ne veux pas te voir sur le site. Il crie si fort à Aliyan et appelle les hommes du chantier de construction à venir le faire dégager mais aucun des hommes n'a
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A sublime Love, chapter 4
The next morning Aliyan woke up in his car with a headache and next to him is a woman he met at night in a bar without a lice. He looked at the woman, he took his lice again and he even tried to resuscitate her but the woman does not come back to life and he calls the police. Meanwhile, Aliyan is panicked Yannick is at the end of the line with Bendis. He then asks her if she is already visiting her so-called man in prison or if she is arranging her belongings to pack her suitcase and come home. He asks her this with a smile that Bendis asks herself a thousand questions. As soon as he hangs up, Bendis launches Aliyan's number to hear from him. But he didn't answer him on the second attempt because he had too much trouble like that to add more. Seeing that he does not take his call Bendis contact Benedict Aliyan's secretary to find out if her husband has arrived at work. She answers him with a no and begins to create all kinds of possible films in her head. Aliyan has just left the po
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A sublime Love, chapter 5
In the eyes of this man, this gang, there was an indescribable rage and a feeling that had just come to a tragic end. Aliyan saw the man dying inside and let all this pain appear by silent tears coming out of his eyes. Bendis keeps calm, Aliyan is right in front of her to protect her from a loss of bullet. Aliyan does everything possible to reason this man but he is of course on his words. He keeps saying that everyone will pay and even the innocent if he ever gets involved. They were explaining theirself when a man came and blew into that man's ear. He then lowered his weapon and told Aliyan that they can go home safely but they should’nt meet in this case otherwise he will be merciless. Aliyan promised him that they will not see each other and will not have to fight but in exchange if he ever finds his wife's murderers he must hand them over to the police and then he can look for a way for the trickids, which the man accepted since Aliyan explained to him the blow he had and that t
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A sublime Love, Chapter 6
Me Wilfried est content de l'idée avancée par ses avocats et Yannick qui est aussi content car il vient d'élaborer un bon plan pour réduire Aliyan. Pendant ce temps, Aliyan et Bendis avaient un peu oublié de se donner un peu de plaisir. Ils ont dit de beaux mots romantiques en étant nus sous le drap quand quelqu'un a frappé à la porte. Bendis avait la tête sur la poitrine de son homme, les chattes jurent en lui relevant la tête. Elle change de look en enfilant une chemise sur un petit short qu'elle vient de porter, elle a mauvaise mine. Arrivée sur le seuil de la porte, elle crie et ouvre ensuite. Il était l'un des hommes de main du gang qu'ils ont rencontré tôt. Il leur envoya un message et sans perdre de temps, ils partirent pour le commissariat. A leur arrivée, ils trouvent l'inspecteur qui se trouve dans son bureau. Ils discutent avec ce dernier en présence de son avocat et de l'avocat de Bendis. La discussion se poursuit lorsqu'un homme qui travaille pour la police entre et inter
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A sublime love, chapter 7
An anonymous call startles Aliyan and he rushes to leave the house. Arriving at the police station, the inspector asks the police officer to handcuff Aliyan, saying that he is guilty of the young woman's death. Aliyan is lost in the action. It does not identify anything of what is happening. While the officer was driving him to lock him up he aimed at heaven and shouted "I am an innocent inspector, you are making a serious mistake in condemning me. ”Being locked up, he goes back and forth between the four corners and thinks about everything that happened. He thinks and thinks above all about this anonymous call that made him come and put him in prison. He is in his thoughts when one of his lawyers comes to see him. He asks him what happened but he couldn't tell him anything because he himself doesn't know much about what's going on. The lawyer tells him that he can do nothing for him if he does not tell him what happened when he yells at him, saying that he confuses him and that he w
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A sublime Love, chapter 8
Bendis had called on her best friend Estrela who came to keep her company and to search the apartment of Bénédicte, Aliyan's secretary. Aliyan had noticed something he should see soon but right now it's all just a hypothesis and he has to confirm it in order to be sure of what he's going to say. That's why he didn't say much to Bendis except that she trust him.In Bénédicte's building, Bendis has just understood a little of what Aliyan was trying to confirm. Hearing the voice of her brother Yannick and the discussion he had with Bénédicte, she is very angry to see that there are people like this who do such absurd things. Betraying someone who loves you well and who means you no harm. Bendis set off after Yannick left the building. On the road she was telling Estrela that she's going to kill that demon Bénédicte as soon as possible for what she did. She was expressing her anger so much that she lost control and almost went into a corner. She then braked and Estrela tried to calm her d
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A Sublime Love, chapter 9
The inspector was taken by all this story on which he investigates when he learns that a construction site has just caught fire so that he leaves the office running to go to the scene.Aliyan has just come home to take a cold shower and swap his jacket with his shirt when he comes across Bendis and Estrela holding each other's heads in the living room. As soon as he walks in and finds them pacing around he's so surprised to see them like that, surprised to see best friends arguing like that for some question or reason. He had asked them to know what was going on between them but Bendis kept forbidding Estrela to tell him anything. Estrela is so amazed by his reaction and wonders why doesn't want to tell Aliyan about what they saw so soon. Aliyan insisted that they tell him what was going on but Bendis flatly refused. He ended up letting his guard down and was about to raise his voice when his cell phone rings, it's Bénédicte. Bénédicte calls him to inform him of the fire that has just
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A Sublime Love, chapter 10
Yannick's father Mr. Wilfried has just left his son for a business trip by ordering him not to do stupidity in his absence, which Yannick promised his father. After the departure of his father, Aliyan's secretary who is in love and has a story with Yannick calls him to inform him that the construction site is in place and that the police is there in Aliyan's company because there was a fire on the construction site. Yannick is happy and served himself a glass of alcohol to celebrate this news that made his heart bubbling.After his exchange with Bendis Aliyan runs to go to the company to pull the worm from Benedict noses before the police come to do it and tell them nonsense. Aliyan arrived some time later, after violating two red lights. Arriving, he looks at the police car in front of the company and prayed God that it would not be too late. As soon as he enters through the big door, he comes across Benedict who approaches him and lets him know that she was going to call him becaus
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