The two suns

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The two suns

By: Skii senpai OngoingOther

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Magic have become the most important part of people's life. Yotaro comes to Tokyo the heart of Japan for job but instead he was lables as a Criminals. This affects his life and he has no choice but to become a part of the criminal gang. According to police that gang uses power for criminal use but is that true? Enjoy the novel.

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25 chapters
Team red and green
Tokyo city is a dream city for countryside folk like me said yotaro. While wandering the Tokyo he was so excited. The reason he came to Tokyo for an interview. The world wasn't the same as it was 20 years ago he said. Supernatural powers are common in the world. But my power can't be used to help people. It's the power of destruction he added. He went to bank to withdraw some money.                                      After he enter the bank a group of thiefs entered the bank. Green thiefs someone shouts. Everyone Trimble with fear. Of course the reason they come to stole the money. There where 5 of them. Yotaro thought that he can defeat them one by one. He was waiting for the chance. After some time he attack with his power of destruction. The power yotaro has is he can control the flames. He attack one of them. He thought he had done it but he failed. Because the one who was att
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Sun and Moon.
As the days passes by, Yotaro was become an important part of the team and the control over his power increases. But then one day on the way at night the kirishima gang comes in the contact with the black gang. Black gang started to attacked and injured Yuki. As they started to run, Yotaro gets angry with them and then starts to attack them alone. Everyone freaked out and they had no option but to follow him, and then they started to take one on one. There were also six of them. The leader name was todou.     After that the green team injured badly and at the time the black team had total control. No one was able to defeat anyone of them and they were beaten badly. Everyone thought that is the end for them, but then someone attacks from behind.Yotaro thought it was an alliance from green gang. But kirishima picked him and started running. They were saved on the verged of death. After that, they had to go through treatment. After that Yotar
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S offer
After getting cornered by police and Sun group, kirishima was able to come to the base. After listening that Yotaro was surprised and they went to meet him.After they entered in his room, he was taking a nap, so they waited in his room. After some time he woke up and then he got surprised because that was the first time Yotaro went to his room.After that he asked him questions starting with how was he able to do that. Kirishima didn't understand the question and then he said what did I do. Yotaro was curious about his power. So he told him about his power, the sorrow of the sea. That was the first time he listens the name of his power.Of course, he wasn't the only one who didn't know about that. Yuki, Mitobe, Yuri, Fred it was their first time as well. He said sorry, but I can't tell you more than that. And then he went to meet someone. After that they were having a discussion and Yotaro said anyone of you have seen the main boss of the green team. The laughi
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Mitobe's past and decision
Mitobe and Yotaro went to the east of Tokyo to deliver something to a person. At that time, Yotaro asked why you follow everything he says and you didn't even come to meet the boss(S). He only answered in one sentence. I am in debt to that man. And the remaining travel went.Yotaro was curious about Mitobe past. At night when they went hotel. They went to their room. Yotaro was so curious that he can't sleep and went to check if he is awake, he is going to ask him. He tried to knock the door, but the door was open. So he entered the room he checked him and thought he was sleeping and was about to leave but Mitobe started speaking Can't sleep because you are curious about my past.Yotaro was surprised and asked how he knows, he replied we are hanging with each other for a long time. You might get bored, wanna still listen. Yotaro shake his head. Mitobe started his history. He was from a village, Yokohama. He said yup, that's where we are going to deliver this thing. I g
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The other half
They green gang went to steal. On their way home, they again get their path crossed with a black gang. After that they again split up and the one they were targeting was the boss. After that, when they were running, Yotaro struck to a man who was nearly 25-30 years old. He angrily takes the frustration on that old man. When they were leaving, what Kirishima does simply surprise Yotaro. This time Yotaro had a weird look on his face and he angrily asked Kirishima what was he doing. After that kirishima told him to go, but he didn't listen to him. Then, for the first time, he saw Kirishima having a very scary face. Then Yotaro and Kirishima left. Before leaving, Kirishima said something to that man's ear, and then they left. After leaving, Yotaro was angry at the boss and asking him the questions, but then he didn't even answer any of them. After reaching to the base, he told the story to everyone about what happened, and they started laughing at him. They thought he still had a soft h
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The history and the reveal
Hinata and Yotaro started going to Michel for practice. They get to know that he also has the power of destruction but the effect is too much that they can't even think of it. Before practising, Kirishima and Michel always had a duel. The winner is always Michel, but the surprising fact is that Kirishima is toe to toe with him. After practising both Hinata and Yotaro had a cup of Tea. Yotaro asked him about the Green Demon Partnership. The man started. They met each other nearly 10 years ago. He came towards me and said, I want your power, Please help me. What will you do for me? Michel asked. I will do whatever I am capable of, Kirishima said. Michel agreed but with a condition which was he had to beat him. As they agree to a duel. The winner was Michel, but still he decided to join because he loved the expression in his eyes, and it wasn't an easy fight for him at all. Michel said do you know why we were remembered as The Green Demon Partnership. Both Hinata and Yotaro shake thei
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The front assault
Everything went as they wanted. They decided to attack when Kirishima's big brother not will be there to help them because they didn't want to go against three of the same class as kirishima is. After that they decided the plan and then again started the training.Nearly 5-7 people say no to Kirishima's idea because it wasn't as easy as it looks. What if the plan fail?what will If there is another one who is spying us and will report then about us? Kirishima can't force his people to die for him.Everyone can decide on their own he said and then went to his room. After that Hinata and Yotaro went to Michel place for practice. After the practice is over Yotaro asked him if you(Michel) decided not to come again to the underworld then why did he come back to the place.He smiled and answer to kill those who killed my family. He added the world is cruel. They (the world)didn't give us a second chance no matter how much you suffer you can't undo your past. Yotaro was
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Twins and Ice Queen
As the remaining 5 marching forward. They didn't think that would happen but Shogo was more cautious than they thought. The Chinese duo Son Ming and son wing are waiting for them on the lined next. They were the ones who ruled Chinese underworld for some time but can't keep it up, so they were like students of Shogo. The problem was that which two are gonna fight with him. If they could have come with Hinata then he and Yotaro would have done that but Hinata was leading the front at the gate. Kirishima thought who going to start fighting with them. The one who come forward are Yuro and Yotaro. The remaining went ahead. They both stayed there but the main problem was he didn't know the power of Yuro. On the other hand the twin doesn't have a great control over power, but they have ninjutsu and their team work are great two. Yotaro asked Yuro what power do you have. Yuro smiled and then told him to engage both of them for some time. He didn't understand that, but he decided to do that
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The Boss
As Akira tried to kill his younger brother Kirishima someone uses the magic power. He was none other than Yotaro. Yotaro haven't seen Kirishima that beaten. This thought what had seen done to him. After that he saw the died Fred. He asked him what's happened? He told that we have been defeated. She alone was able to defeat me and Fred. We haven't able to scratch her. We should have come with another plan. Because of my incomplete plan he (Fred) lost his life. Yotaro slapped him. You are wrong. When they come with you underground. They should have able to understand the situation and when you us about your plan not only him but everyone knows the danger still they agreed to come with you. That's how much they care and respected you, and you are going to betray them. Kirishima stand up. You still can't beat me Akira said. Sorry Akira we have to kill you and then my own father. Akira started laughing. How are you going to do that she asked. It's not me who is going to defeat you but us.
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The winner
After attacking continuously they were able to corner Shogo but the problem was he was still unharmed. They both thought that they need to do something as soon as possible otherwise they are in big trouble. I will tell you how a king should attack while defending the castle Shogo said, and he came directly towards Kirishima who was just assisting Michel. They both were surprised by the speed he came. After that he kicked in his chest. He went down. Shogo added A king should never be the one who attacks the other king he should wait and defend his castle. If the fight is happening in your area you have an incredible asset which is it being surrounding. And he pulled up a trick. The trick was he had put wired which was a specialty of Seiji. After that they both able to dodge that wire, but now they have to move cautious. They both decided to back off for now and then plan on how to deal with him. The only thing that they were doing was defending themselves from his attack. They also h
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