Chapter 153

The night seemed to stretch on endlessly, the terrace bathed in the soft glow of the moonlight. Perry and Alonso remained seated, their conversation having evolved into a delicate dance of emotions, their words a reflection of their inner turmoil.

Alonso’s voice held a note of sincerity, his gaze never leaving Perry’s as he spoke. “Perry, I know that facing our issues won’t be easy. But I believe that it’s the only way for us to truly heal and move forward.”

Perry’s eyes were fixed on the distant horizon, her voice a mixture of resignation and longing. “Alonso, I want to believe that too. But it’s hard for me to let go of the pain and the doubt that this storm has stirred within me.”

Alonso’s fingers brushed against hers, his touch a reassuring anchor. “Perry, I understand that. I understand that I’m the cause of a lot of that pain, and I’m truly sorry for it. But I want us to find a way to rebuild, to rediscover the love that once bound us together.”

Perry’s voice was soft, her words
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