Chapter 1442 Where Is Your Wife?

Moacyr and Diane worry about Cristina's dilemma. The radio playing “Crash! Boom! Bang!”, by Roxette, kind of prophesies what will happen in the Chaves family.

Moacyr begins to admonish her, “Darling, I see you're not going to be reassured by this. Don't you want to take a taxi and go to Europe Garden and wait for Pamela to come back? Perhaps the maid Lilian knows more details.”

Cristina sighs, “I don't know if it will do any good.”

“Of course it will, Aunt!” Diane urges her, “Find Pam and make her cancel this nonsense!”

“Dora called Adolfo. William is recovering and is no longer in danger of dying.” Cristina uses the good news as an excuse not to go.

“Ah, at least some good news in the sea of ​​bad news.” Moacyr philosophizes, “But that doesn't absolve you of responsibility.”

Cristina frets, “Guys, I remember it was me who gave Pam the idea. She can throw it in my face and refuse to give in. And when the Campos family finds out about this, they are bound to hate me!”

Moacyr smiles aff
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