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Donald was from a rich home, but it was unknown to his girlfriend. Because his girlfriend was not aware of who he was, she cheated on him and humiliated him in front of her lover only to discover Donald's true identity later on. Now, she wanted to return, but was it too late for her?

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  • eaglecontentwriters


    Your story is quite interesting.

    2023-10-04 19:09:01
  • Gracie


    It's a lovely story, so far I have read. The rich guy in the story did not seem to be destined to have a good relationship with any lady. Was surprised it was not what I thought would happen between him and Vera...

    2023-05-18 04:55:09
  • Mel Hope


    Lovely story

    2023-04-15 03:12:28
  • corey moye


    It was a good story, but there was a lot of mistakes in the timeline like proposals to a person they had already proposed to before among other things. But it was a good story.

    2024-02-01 11:24:03
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313 chapters
"Hey, I'm running late. I have to go now," Donald said, after checking his wristwatch. He had better go back to work before it was too late."Donnie, to where? By the way, I wanted to tell you I wouldn't be able to come around to your birthday tomorrow, so..." But before Jackson his close friend at the University could finish his statement, Donald had dashed away, replying to him from a distance. "See you later!" Donald was in his final year at the University of Chesbil and was to turn 20 years old the next day. He had been experiencing a low-key life ever since he was born and had been involved in low-status jobs to learn what his future employees might be like and most importantly, to better understand, the inner and basic core of running different companies and leading its employees.Within a short time, he arrived at the Royals' hotel, where he worked as a food server. "Hey, Donald," one of his colleagues at the hotel greeted him as he walked in. "Hi, Greg," Donald replied, as
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Donald gave the man and Sandra a last glance before walking away with coldness in his eyes. Even though he loved Sandra, it was now glaring that he couldn't continue a relationship with her.Who would go back for a bitch?However, Sandra didn't seem to be moved by his coldness, but smirked as she eyed Donald’s back."Sandra, I will surely make you regret it!" Donald vowed as he walked down the corridor of the hotel room. Just as he was about to make a turn to go downstairs, his phone rang "Hello, Dad," Donald said when he noticed that it was his father calling. "How are you, Donald?" "I'm fine, Dad," Donald responded flatly. After all, he wasn’t in the mood to greet anyone happily."Your grandfather has decided to assign you one of the big companies to run, especially now that you have reached the rightful age to start taking over part of the family business," Albert, Donald's father said rapidly. Although he sensed something was wrong with his son, he said nothing. His son had no
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While Sandra continued pleading, she suddenly saw Donald standing not too far from them. Feeling disgusted at Donald’s existence, she rolled her eyes and murmured somthing beneath her breath."Eh! How come this useless pauper is here? Has he still not given up on me?" Sandra naturally suspected that Donald was there because he had been following them all the way long.The rich guy, Rodney, also noticed Donald, and after sharing a mischievous look with Sandra, the two of them burst into laughter. "Hey, how come the servant boy is here? Have you been following us? Poor spoony!" Rodney couldn’t hold back the pride of a winner as he laid a deep kiss on Sandra, which made the latter giggle in pleasure. However, Donald didn’t even spare them a side glance. He wasn’t there to waste his precious time on a couple of bitch and bastard, he was there to prepare for his luxurious life.Rodney, on the other hand, had never been ignored like this, and what made him boil with anger as he had just b
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The shop manager wanted to invite Donald for tea and perhaps even hoped to get invited to Donald’s house in return. If lucky, she would be able to meet Mr Jeff and have a nice chat with him. She believed that would benefit her business career a lot. But Donald wisely changed the topic.On the other hand, feeling rather confused, Rodney and Sandra decided to leave. There was no point staying now that Donald seemed to know the manager of the shop. What if they were both acting to fool others? Besides, Rodney didn’t want Sandra to go back to the expensive handbag. He had had enough for today, so without hesitating, he dragged Sandra toward the entrance."Are you leaving so soon? What about the handbag?" The saleswoman called from behind. "We'll be back some other time," Rodney replied reluctantly, dragging Sandra harder with a firm hand toward the entrance before the saleswoman could say one more word.. Rodney was a regular customer at the luxury shop, so the saleswoman believed him a
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“You can't believe who I saw! " Rodney said, his eyes wide open as if he had seen ghosts. "Who?" a female voice asked lazily from the other end. "I saw Donald, your ex. Did you happen to know that he is the son of the giant tycoon Albert Jeff"“Hahaha...No way. You’re kidding me, he is just an average poor commoner" the female voice interrupted with laughter. "No, Sandra. I’m serious. He is indeed from a rich home. His birthday is being celebrated in a grand style, and the creme de la creme of the society are all present..." "What …. do you mean?" Sandra questioned, her voice shaking obviously. Was she having hearing problems at such a young age?"You won’t believe it, he was announced to soon take over a very large consortium in this city! Didn’t you say he was so poor he couldn’t even afford to buy you a ring?" Rodney roared with suppressed anger, as he hung up on the phone. He had ruined it all just because of a whore!"Can this be true? Rodney is probably drunk," Sandra said t
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After watching the “rich” guy throwing in the towel, Donald entered his office and quickly went through his schedule for the day. Time flew and soon it was time for him to leave. He had to be in school to see his project supervisor later that day, so he decided to get ready to leave. He put some documents into his bag so that he could go through them later on his arrival home. Then he walked out of his office downstairs to where he had parked his newly bought car. He drove out of the company's premises, but after five minutes of driving, he came across Amelia and naturally offered to give her a ride. Within a short while, they arrived at the university and Donald was trying to park his car when he heard a tap on the window. He turned and inevitably raised an eyebrow at seeing who it was. "Hey, Donald. Who owns the car you're driving?" Sandra asked. Donald, however, frowned and ignored her. What was the whore doing here? And it was none of her business whose car he was driving.
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It was Donald's graduation day at the University of Chesbil, and his family members were all present. He was excited that he was graduating from the University, and some of his colleagues who worked with him while he did low-status jobs were also present. Many shook hands with him, while some others hugged him to congratulate him. The day was a memorable one for him, not only because he was graduating from the University, but because he received an award as the best graduating student of the University. Many of his schoolmates envied him, and he was praised for been able to graduate with an award, despite having to jumble menial jobs with study.While he stood to take pictures with his family and friends, he had a voice not too far away. "CEO" the person called. After calling a number of times without any response, the person moved close to tap him on his shoulders, then he whispered: "CEO." Donald turned to look at the person, and burst into laughter. It was one of his classmates,
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Amelia raised her head to look at the woman who spoke to her, when she saw Sandra. "You?" Amelia asked in surprise. "Keep quiet, you fool! Don't let me hear you speak, or else I'll teach you a lesson you'll never forget in a hurry," the man wearing the black shade said. Sandra had planned to kidnap Amelia before that day. She had made necessary findings about where Amelia stayed, then she made up her mind to kidnap Amelia on her way from work. That day, Sandra's intention was to go and see Donald, and then go to wait for Amelia with a thug on the way to her house.Little did she know that she would meet Amelia with Donald at the company. The driver drove the three of them to a quiet place then he parked. "Look, you're going to be spending at least three days with us in that house," Sandra said, pointing at a small house not far from them. "What? What have I done to deserve this?" Amelia asked in shock. Within the twinkle of an eye, she felt someone pull her ears very painfully. "A
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Amelia was surprised by Donald's reaction. "I don't know what you're talking about, Donald," Amelia managed to say. "You're such a pretender. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. Why didn't you come to pay my Mum a visit to the hospital as you promised? Now, you came to visit me when you found out that she had been discharged. I called you on several occasions, but you didn't pick up your calls, or return them," Donald said."No, you're getting things wrong. I was kidnapped..." "Hahaha...Donald burst into laughter. You're not so good at lying. How would you be kidnapped and come here looking this radiant? Do you think I'm a fool?" Donald asked with a frown on his face. "I'm not lying. You need to listen to me, Donald. You just..." "Call the security men to come and take her out of here," Donald told the servant standing close to the door.Within a short while, the men were around. They quickly held Amelia by the arms and led her out of the house.*********The next day at Dulu
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It was a bright Saturday morning, Rick and his wife, Betty, sat down on the balcony of their house to relax. Rick and Betty Yale were Rodney's parents. They used to be very poor until Rodney got a job with Duluth Associates and helped to improve their standard of living. They formerly lived in a very small and unattractive house, until Rodney helped them to rent another house after he got employed at Duluth Associates. "I'm still very angry about Rodney's demotion at work. That boy has been a pillar of support to this family, and just from nowhere, someone comes to spoil our joy by demoting him." Rick said. "Rodney demoted? I need to know that fool demoted him. For what reason was he demoted?" Betty tried to know. Rodney told only his father about his demotion at work, so the mother was yet to know about it."Rodney was told that the company demoted him, but it's only a lie. There's no one behind it, other than his CEO." Rick said. "But why will his CEO want to demote him? He has wo
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