Chapter 1460 The TV Door Opens

Monday is the day for everyone to go back to work. So it was for Elza and Vernon, who eat breakfast already dressed for business, each one for his work.

“Darling, you look very pretty in that brown suit.” Vernon compliments her, “I should be worried about perverts who work with you at the hotel.”

Elza takes a sip of coffee and smiles, pleased to see that she is still loved and wanted, “No, I don't allow anyone to approach me with pornographic connotations.”

Vernon remains concerned, “Okay, you don't have sexual harassment. And what about bullying? Are there annoying men insinuating that you don't boss them around because you're a woman?”

“It is enough for me to say that I am Josias Rocha’s mother and they are silent like trained dogs.”

Vernon laughs, “This is my wife. I got a lot of applause at LCN and my team respects me for ruining Pamela's reputation. What last name are we going to call her now?”

“Pamela Chaves, the only last name she has left.” Elza chews a piece of bread, “Mr. Da
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