The Peerless Man With a Thousand Gifts

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The Peerless Man With a Thousand Gifts

By: Kaiser Ken Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Victor Damone's in-laws stole his life savings, convinced his beautiful wife he was a loser, and urged her to date a billionaire outside of marriage. When the bankrupt Victor fails to pay for his dying grandfather's treatment, he decides to return to his mysterious old life. One in which the entire world kneels before him. Victor will show his in-laws and everyone who underestimated him that he is a legendary, peerless man with a thousand gifts.


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44 chapters
001 Confrontation
Victor Damone barged into his father-in-law's house, searching for his wife. "Where are you, Carol?"Rushing into the living room, he saw her seated between her middle-aged parents, Ronald and Martha. Both in-laws made sour faces as soon as they saw him.Carol looked gorgeous as always, with her chocolate-colored hair and dark-brown eyes. Her brother, Josh, a chubby guy in a sports jacket, relaxed on a couch sporting a smug expression.The setup looked as if they were prepared to confront him. But he had had enough of their antics. This time they had crossed a line."Where is my money, Carol?" Victor asked, glaring at his wife."What is the meaning of this?" Ronald barked, getting to his feet. "How dare you come into my house without my permission?"Ronald Atelier used to be a billionaire, heir to his father, Reginald's company. But he lost most of his inheritance through bad investments and mismanagement. Moreover, making his spendthrift son the CEO was the final nail in the coffin. J
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002 The Setup
The doorbell rang, and Ronald hastened to open the door with enthusiasm. It was as if he had been expecting guests. An immaculately dressed man stepped in with two guards accompanying him. He wore an expensive Armani suit, and a gold Piaget watch jingled on his wrist."James?" Carol exclaimed, recognizing the stranger. "What are you doing here? You look… different."The billionaire put on a charming smile. "Hi, Carol. I'm so glad you haven't forgotten me. I came to this locality to sign a five-million-dollar housing project and decided to visit you while I am here."Ronald and Martha's eyes lit up. The billionaire talked about five million dollars so casually, which meant his net worth was several billion.James was heir to the Colberts, the fifth most wealthy family in Springfield city. Recently, he was made CEO of the company and now exerted much influence. In fact, they had invited him to their house that day to meet Carol."You are always welcome here, Mr. Colbert," Martha and Ron
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003 Against All Odds
A coded message was transmitted to certain chosen individuals across the globe.Somewhere in the Indian Ocean, a high-ranked general inside a war submarine received a low-frequency ping.A hard-boiled woman sitting in the back of a traveling truck in the Sahara desert found a message on her satellite phone.An elite commander leading a guerrilla team in the ganglands of Venezuela received a communication on his radio.A world leader delivering a speech to millions of followers read an urgent message on his phone.A beautiful woman on a private jet jumped for joy when her manager whispered the news to her. The exceptional individuals who received the message either mouthed or thought the same words. "Emperor Caesar is back!"*** Victor decided to walk back home. He wasn't expecting Carol's return anytime soon. She was sensitive about her family and would go to great lengths to defend them. Moreover, she never realized that they wanted to exploit her. Victor had tolerated their abuse
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004 Hot and Cold
Sophia Baker was one in a million. She was Harvard-educated, born into a doctor family, and had resounding success in the medical world at a young age. She was only twenty-seven years old but had already surpassed many big-league peers. The female doctor was a leading researcher and authority in cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery. An insider had leaked the news that she had performed surgeries on various royal family members across nations.Sophia was such a voluptuous beauty that TIME magazine featured her as the sexiest doctor of the decade. The bombshell had a million followers on Inst@gram. She was fashionable and filthy rich; even popular international brands signed her to promote their products.That international celebrity Sophia Baker would arrive in Springfield to treat a random elderly patient shocked the hospital administrators. Edgar Damone used to be a successful businessman, but now he was just an infirm old man whose name was relatively unknown in Springfield. Why was
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005 Conspiracy Foiled
When James Colbert reached the operation ward, he found Edgar’s surgery had already begun. He made sure Victor and Carol did not see him. James waited at the ICU corridor’s reception patiently. He flirted with the cute receptionist to pass the time. Not only was he a trustee of the Springfield Public Hospital, but his father had donated millions over the years. Therefore, every staff member treated him like royalty.Soon, Dr. Sophia Baker exited the operation theater and went to talk to the Damone couple. Then she returned via the corridor to take the elevator to the terrace. James rushed forward to talk to her. At first, he was tongue-tied to see how attractive she was. The female doctor was in a figure-hugging lab coat, and her long hair was curled fashionably. She had a hint of freshened makeup, and her skin was radiant. His immediate reaction was to try and impress her.“Miss Baker. I am an honored trustee of this hospital… My name is James-”“I don’t need to know you,” Sophia cu
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006 Loyalty Tested
As Victor walked out of the hospital, a Rolls Royce cruised to a halt before him. Onlookers wondered which bigshot's car it was. Victor pulled up his hood and approached the vehicle. He peered in to see Clive in the driver's seat. The forty-year-old billionaire was a butler-cum-chauffeur now.Victor slipped into the car, and Clive drove off."What is the urgency?" he asked the billionaire, who looked strangely in character as a chauffeur."Sir, I have concluded another task you assigned via text. You asked me to survey your grandfather's finances and assets. What I have accumulated is as follows. First, someone has been draining your grandfather's accounts while he was bedridden."Victor raised an eyebrow. The prime suspect in this nuisance could be none other than his evil aunt. He'd deal with her later since Edgar's account barely had a hundred thousand dollars. "What else?""Unfortunately, Damone Industries, chaired by Edgar Damone, is about to declare bankruptcy."Victor scratched
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007 Payback With Dividends
Shannon Inc. was the largest company in the Seaboard Industrial Block. It had an imposing grass and granite skyscraper reflecting the skies.Alec, Seagal, and others who quit Damone Industries that morning, dressed up in formals and entered the Shannon Inc. building. They went through the large swiveling door, eyeing the main lobby with wonder. It was pristine, with waxed hardwood floors and rustic armchairs. A pretty receptionist instructed them to go up to the fourteenth floor, where the CEO's office was situated.Rick McBride was the current CEO, a brilliant man in his early thirties. He welcomed them in his private lobby but looked as if he was in a hurry. Rick asked Alec and the others to wait for their orientation since he was expecting a visit from the Chairman of Shannon Inc. Many key people of the company had gathered in the private lobby as well."What happened, Mr. McBride?" Alec asked. "Is something new happening in the company?"Rick turned to him and said absentmindedly,
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008 Damsel in Distress
Victor's new bike was a Ducati Scrambler Nightshift, a modified model with a retro masculine appeal. It was perfect for fast conveyance and was relatively inconspicuous as a vehicle. The last thing Victor needed was attention.Clive Baron had complained that the price of fifteen thousand dollars was too low but eventually had to give in.Victor sent Clive back to the office and took the new bike for a drive around the city. Amidst the chaos of his grandfather's issues and trying to keep his cover secret, he had been bogged down by pettiness and mediocrity. People not worthy of being his servants had looked down on him and humiliated him. 'Everyone will get their due,' he thought. But at the moment, he had other concerns. Haley B was arriving in Springfield. She was beautiful like an angel but stubborn like a mule. If he did not appear at her concert, she'd fulfill her threat and expose him. The celebrity Haley B did not accept no for an answer. Victor had reached the city's outskirts
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009 Gone Viral
James Colbert's Mercedes AMG passed through East Springfield, drawing pedestrians' attention. He would usually avoid such semi-urban parts of the city. However, he had to meet a consultant at Springfield Rapids. Apparently, a huge conglomerate was about to start a thirty-million-dollar project in the area, and James wanted a piece of the pie. Colbert and Sons primarily built sewage systems, and this project would be a big break for them.However, the consultant offered him a meeting at Baron International, the most successful company in Springfield. They had brokered the deal with the city authorities.After securing an interview with Baron International the next day, James made a pitstop to pick up tickets to the Haley B concert from a broker. The mega event had triggered a bidding war in Springfield, pitting all the big leagues against each other. James' father, Saul Colbert, had secured four entries to the mega-event at ten thousand each. Josh sat in the adjacent seat, glaring at t
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010 Behind His Back
Victor had explicitly asked Carol not to meet James Colbert again or allow his flirtatious advances. That man's sole aim was to manipulate her to file for divorce. James was obsessed with Carol and wanted to demonize Victor and steal his bride. The billionaire was willing to go to great lengths to fulfill his lewd intentions. It was evident from the hurdles Victor had to face in Springfield Hospital."Carol!" Victor barked, jumping off his bike. He rushed towards the Mercedes group with veins popping on his forehead. Many other ticket-holders turned to look for the source of the commotion. "Victor?" Carol asked in surprise. "What are you doing here?"She looked ravishing in a long, silver satin gown. Her beautiful coffee-brown hair was tied up in a bohemian bun, making her appear like a vintage beauty. Victor realized her dress must have cost a fortune and did not belong to her wardrobe. James must have gifted it to her. The realization made him smolder in jealousy. How close was sh
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