Chapter 1459 Fraternizing with the Mountains

Melissa is welcomed by Shirley at the Mountain family's apartment. As said before, everyone was in a festive mood.

“Melissa! Oh, thank God, you showed up to brighten my day! Come in, come in, Daryl warned me you were coming.”

Melissa enters, but can't help but feel awkward. How could Shirley be sad on a day like today?

The answer came when Melissa spotted Maggie and Bernardo together on the couch with Henrique on his mother's lap.

“Maggie, Bernardo, how are you? Henry is growing fast.”

“By the time we blink, he'll be huge, he'll probably be the one carrying me.” Maggie laughs.

Shirley was going to offer Melissa butter cookies but freezes her steps when she sees her talking to Maggie.

Kelvin approaches her from behind, “Isn't it great that Melissa and Maggie are friends?”

“No.” Shirley responds curtly, “I don't want Maggie to teach Melissa how to cheat on you by getting pregnant with another man.”

Kelvin rolls his eyes, “Mom, how long are you going to keep that bad thought?”

Shirley do
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