Chapter 1498 Pay Attention to What Everaldo Said

At the Rocha mansion, Angela descends the marble staircase in the shape of a letter “C” after storing her wedding dress in the master suite. She checks that Lilian isn't around and goes to her private room.

Upon entering and closing the varnished door, she sits in the armchair and dials Gustavo's phone.

On the other side, Gustavo answers without a shirt, showing that he enrolled in a gym and is now more robust and corpulent, almost like Jock, “Hello?”

“I want to know how our plan is progressing,” Angela asks categorically.

Gustavo smiles, stretches out his free hand, and turns on the radio. The song “Piel Morena”, by Thalía, moods his apartment, “Everything is alright here. She has completely forgotten about Josias and only has eyes for my dick.”

Angela is disgusted, “I thought you were going to say ‘she only has eyes for me’!”

“Oh, but you know how the slut behaves. If I get more than five hours of sleep, it's a miracle.”

Angela puts her hand to her glabella, “Gus, for God's sake. Ge
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