Chapter 1531 Dispute for Josias

Teresa returns to Beto's apartment, carefully leading Pedro.

“I’ll never ride a bike again,” Pedro swears.

Teresa giggles, “When your arm gets better, you'll get back on your bike and run the Tour de France.”

“What is it?”

“I'll explain later.” She unlocks the door and enters.

As they enter, Rosemary is watching the Ramones' “I Don't Wanna Grow Up” music video.

“Rose, shouldn't you be watching ‘Sandy & Junior’?” Teresa narrows her eyes.

Rosemary shrugs, “I didn't change the channel, it was the programming that did.”

“Well, if you're enjoying it...” Teresa smiles.

“Rosemary, look what they stuck in my arm,” Pedro complains.

“A schoolmate of mine also had his arm in a cast. Afterward, we all signed autographs.” Rosemary laughs.

Teresa notices some correspondence on the coffee table, “Did the postman come here?”

Rosemary replies, “Yes, but since the door was locked, he shove them under the door.”

With eagle vision, Teresa finds a letter addressed to Rosemary instead of Beto. She takes it
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