Chapter 1532 She Doesn't Want Me in the Wedding
In Beto's office, the desk phone rings. He was keeping an eye on the price sheet for goods from suppliers on the computer.

“Hello?” He answers, still staring at the monitor.

On the other side, Teresa is on the landline. The children had already had lunch and went to nap.

“Hello, Mr. Reis. This is Teresa.”

“Hi Tess, how are you?”

Teresa is embarrassed. She has been trying to maintain formality for a while, “I thought you were going to ask ‘how are the children?’ Anyway, they had lunch and are taking a nap.”

“But that's not why you called.” Beto narrows his gaze.

“No, there is a matter I have not dared to resolve. We got the mail. One of the letters has Victoria’s address.”

“Victoria?” Beto is intrigued.

“Sir... Isn't Pamela Chaves your ex-wife?”

Beto takes a deep breath to ward off the stress, “Yeah, she's the damn one.”

“Jeez, sir, if I'm touching on a thorny subject—”

Beto is quick to fix, “Sorry, Tess! It's just that this so-and-so brought me a lot of problems.”

“The let
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