Chapter 1611 Indulging in Passion

In Teodoro's building, Cristina and Moacyr are announcing to Diane the decision they have made concerning the management of the place. In keeping with tradition, the lobby radio is playing “Estoy Aqui” by Shakira.

Diane is stunned by the information, “Auntie... I can't imagine the building without you two!”

Cristina giggles, “Have I become such an integral part of the smooth running of this place?”

“Certainly.” Diane warmly states, “And who will take care of the place?”

“Someone who has no impediments.” Moacyr replies, “We thought about calling Carmen, but she has James to take care of. Josias is talking to Roberto Reis, although he has an important position at the Ramos supermarket.”

Diane shrugs, “Still, he's the best option. After all, he is the son and is supposed to inherit this building.”

“His sister is busy being a prostitute in the capital.” Cristina adds with a contemptuous tone, “If she comes back, the tenants will leave in a stampede.”

“Not to mention the Freire family is r
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