Chapter 1612 I'm in Love

Diane visits Daryl at Crystal Blue. She finds her boyfriend extremely stressed after debating with Bernardo in vain.

“Honey, I have some interesting news, but now I'm afraid to share it.” She is afraid to even approach him.

Daryl goes to the bar. Diane catches up with him as he pours himself a shot of brandy.

“Sometimes I think that we are the ones who drink the most around here.” Daryl makes fun of himself and drinks the dose in one gulp.

“Do you want me to tell you the good news?” Diane takes a risk.

“Yes, go ahead, my love.”

“Uncle Moacyr wants to move out of Teodoro’s building.” Diane smiles, “Aunt Cristina wants to step down as manager to take care of my uncle who is recovering from their car accident. They also want me to be free to marry you and help out at the restaurant.”

Daryl smiles too, “That would be very interesting.”

“So how about we set the wedding date?” Diane enthuses, “We can arrange the engagement once Maggie and Bernardo forgive each other.”

Daryl is apprehensive
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