Chapter 1629 She's Back

On Tuesday, Gustavo finds Angela fiercely arguing with another secretary from another company where she had left her résumé.

“Did you trouble yourself by calling just to say I WASN'T approved in the job interview? And may I know why?”

On the other side, the secretary replies with annoyance, “We got bad references from Rocha Constructions and my boss recognized you as the ex-fiancée of Mr. Josias Rocha. We can't hire you and so put ourselves in the crosshairs of his wrath. I'm sorry.”

“Listen here, you sl—” The secretary hung up on the other end, “Hello? HELLO?” Angela slams the mouthpiece on the device, “Damn!”

Gustavo does ‘tsk, tsk’ and sits down to put on his boots, “I told you so, Angela. You won't get a job in this town. The only chance you'll ever get rich is by marrying an idiot millionaire who doesn't read Maggiezine.”

Angela snorts, “That's impossible. Even though my future husband is an idiot, every capixaba reads Maggiezine. No, Gus, I'm going to have to outdo myself by sta
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