Chapter 1630 Josias Wants To Keep the Peace

Beto is dumbfounded when he sees Vera Reis returning to Lagoon City. At another time, he would hug his sister tightly, but now, he can't help but get angry.

He frowns and remains still, “But what do you think you're doing here?”

Vera looks at the shelves, “But why is our father's radio off? We need to keep the tradition!”

Vera goes to the radio and turns it on. The song “Missing” by Everything But the Girl makes her dance while Beto thinks he's seeing a haunting.

“How did you have the nerve to return, Vera?” Beto can only say that for now.

Vera turns to him, “What happened to our building?”

“OUR building?” Beto roars, “The building is MINE!”

Vera leans back against the counter, “So I won't have any profit sharing?”

“You already receive money from customers who rape you in the underground club.” Beto punches the counter.

Vera, however, bursts out laughing, tilting her head back. Beto doesn't understand what's so funny.


Kelvin enters Melissa's office and finds her intent on the b
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