Chapter 1628 Lack of Logic

Josias is having dinner with his family at the moment: David, J.J and Katherine.

“Dad, can we go to the beach this weekend?” David suggests.

“Absolutely, son. Do you want us to call your mother?”

David fills his face with shadows, “No, she's gonna want to bring that friend.”

Katherine chokes on her red wine in a vain attempt to suppress a laugh.

Josias looks seriously at his son, “David, I don't want you to hate your mother for this.”

“I don't hate my mother, I hate her friend.” David plays with his food, stirring it with his fork, “He doesn't help her get a job. Dad, do you help Mom work as a maid here?”

Katherine can't hold back any longer and laughs out loud.

“See? Aunt Kate agrees.” David exclaims.

Katherine takes the floor, “David, your mother won't want to work as a maid. And your father has no way of getting her into Rocha Constructions.”

Josias is embarrassed by the conversation, “Let's talk about this more calmly. Now eat the mashed potatoes.”

Ernesto respectfully approaches,
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