Chapter 1641 “New” Apartment

Everyone who went to visit Bernardo had their hearts aching with Dr. Farias warning that he didn't need heart surgery. Is it because... he didn't have time?

But Dr. Farias responds in a tender voice, “We don't need surgery because the patient has stabilized.”

Maggie kneels crying before Dr. Farias in gratitude. The others cheer and applaud. Only Shirley remains on her, thoughtful.

Daryl then enters the lounge, “From the vibe and celebration, the news was good.”

Maggie gets up and hugs her brother, “Daryl, he's not going to die! My mother couldn't kill him.”

Shirley widens her eyes, “What did you say?”

Dr. Farias adds what Maggie meant, “Listen, ma'am, when I walked into the room, the patient was about to have an aneurysm. When Mr. and Mrs. Mountain were with the patient, he was normal and calm. You must have done something to irritate him.”

“We'll find out when he leaves the room,” Kelvin responds menacingly.

Shirley swallows hard and decides to say no more. After all, what she says c
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