Chapter 1640 No Time to Operate?

But not everything is happiness. While everyone rejoices that Bernardo is on the mend, the patient is unsure if he will actually survive with Shirley standing before him!

Shirley has no sense of the ridiculous and behaves as if nothing that happened was her fault, “Bernie, I'm glad to see you well. I didn't want these things to happen.”

“What are you doing here?” Bernardo tries to say, “Out!”

“Bernie, don't get carried away.” Shirley does the opposite, moving closer to him, “Look at the monitor registering an increase in heart rate. Try to relax, you need to get out of this.”

But Bernardo is tossing and struggling on the bed, horrified at the approach of his cursed mother-in-law.

“No, no... out... hel—”

Shirley covers Bernardo's mouth before he yells for help, “Schi! Don't worry, Bernie. You'll get out of this and get on with your life, without Maggie, and Henrique. You're going to have a new wife... Me! Finally, you will marry someone your age. And after the wedding, you're going to
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