Chapter 1650 Motivated Employees

Wallace is stunned at the prospect of seeing or talking to Vera again. He doesn't have the courage and wiggles frantically.

“No, Beto.” Wallace refuses, “I still don't have the courage or the mental capacity to do so. If I see your sister again, I'm going to jail again.”

Beto smiles satisfied, “OK, may Vera not complain later, because I tried.”

Wallace smirks, “I think you're taking a big risk.” He notices the apron and chef's hat, “Have you taken over here?”

“I talked to Mr. Ramos from the supermarket.” Beto nods, “Little by little, I'm taking on my father's legacy.”

“My parents told me about your trajectory.” Wallace comments more calmly, “You went from supervisor to manager of the warehouse and the supermarket in general. Congratulations.”

“Thanks, but with Cristina Chaves leaving, I had to take over the building.”

Wallace chuckles, “I have been informed that Mrs. Chaves, now Mrs. Barbosa, went to Victoria to stop Pamela from coming back. What if she's already here?”

“Better not ma
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