Chapter 1649 Do You Wanna Talk to Her?

The next day, Dora, Isabel, and Melissa visit the Rocha Mansion to observe the preparations for Josias and Katherine's engagement. The ladies are amazed at the menu that will be served and the decoration already advanced.

Isabel tries on the fine linen of the impeccably white tablecloths, “Katherine, your fiancé has spared no expense.”

“I am so happy about it!” Katherine just needs to cry, “It's finally happening.”

Melissa nods, “When it was my turn, it happened in Tiago Bento's backyard. And Pamela invaded the party making the biggest scandal. She had to be dragged out.”

Katherine wiggles, “I thank God I don't meet Pamela every time you mention that minx. There isn’t a single good thing you guys say about her.”

“Of all the people who pissed me off, none surpassed Cristina Barbosa’s youngest daughter.” Melissa recalls the past, “Not even Angela.”

“Angela is busy in Rio de Janeiro.” Katherine sighs in relief, “But not to push my luck, we won't be having a bachelorette party.”

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