Chapter 1651 Not Even Painted in Gold

Veronica and Jack meet at Café Montanha.

“Jack, see if my aunt is in there,” Veronica asks as if she were a child escaping punishment.

“Veronica, don't be ridiculous.” Jack frowns.

“Please...” Veronica asks pouting.

Jack laughs at the almost-girlfriend's childishness and enters the cafeteria. No, Shirley is not.

Rodrigo approaches him, “You look like you're seeking someone.”

“It's Veronica who doesn't want to meet her aunt.” Jack chuckles.

“No, and my dad just left to talk to her.” Rodrigo rolls his eyes.

Jack returns to the entrance and gestures for Veronica to enter.

“Thank you, dear.” She sees her brother, “Hi, Rodrigo. Please, don't be upset when I threatened to bankrupt the cafeteria if Aunt Shirley worked here.”

“We'd better change the subject, I don't want to dwell on this unpleasant chatter.” Rodrigo assumes the posture of the owner of the shop, “Will you want cappuccino or espresso?”

“I'll have a cappuccino.” Veronica chooses a table, “The less caffeine in my head, the better
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