Chapter 1701 A kidnapping?


Vera Reis spent all the Christmas and New Year with Renan Vasconcelos, the industrialist who claims to have marital rights over her.

However, Vera didn't tell anyone, not even Wallace, that she was married to this mystery man.

Sitting on the balcony of the VIP suite and looking out over the Lagoon City skyline, Vera is wondering what she will do with her life.

Suicide looks tempting when she looks down...

Renan seems to have read her mind because he approaches her from behind and pulls her off the railing, “What do you think you're doing, woman?”

“LET ME GO!” Vera screams hoarsely. Her voice is worn out because all she's been doing is screaming and cussing.

Renan closes the glass door and then puts his hand on his forehead, “Vera, until when are you going to understand that I only want your good? What would happen if you got into that car of your lover?”

“He was not my lover, HE IS MY BROTHER!”

Renan shakes his head as if Vera were a lying little girl, “I've never seen a brother
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