Rise Of The Disrespected Trillionaire Heir

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Rise Of The Disrespected Trillionaire Heir

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The entire Carmichael family looked on in curiosity as the convoy of Fords rolled into the mansion's grounds. It looked like a King was making his entrance. The cars came to a stop and a driver ran over to pull the passenger door open. Luke stepped down from the car and shocked silence swept through the Humsworth family. He looked at them, a smug smirk curving his lips. "L-luke?" His wife, Fiona, stuttered. "In the flesh. Hello, in-laws, your wretched son-in-law is finally home…" *** What would you do if you were insulted and shamed by your wife's family for being poor, but one day, you discover that you're the heir to a lost fortune? Luke Bradford is the average, wretched son-in-law of the rich Carmichael family. He is shamed, disgraced and abused by his wife's family until one day, he finds out that he's the heir to a Diamond empire running into trillions of dollars. Luke returns with one thing on his mind…to take revenge on every single person who dared to hurt him in the past, but the Humsworth family have also vowed that a low class peasant like him will never lord over them. Taking a path through drug money, lies, deceit, treachery…and even the deadly mafia, will he succeed, or will the sneaky Humsworth family clip his feathers before he can even fly?


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43 chapters
CHAPTER ONELuke Bradford pulled up his hoodie to avoid being recognised as he rolled his bike to a stop beside the flashy Porsche which conveyed his wife and her friends to Bridgeville University.He barely had time to help his foster mother off the bike before Fiona, his wife, and her group of friends began barking orders at him. "Hey, bird brain, what the hell are you doing there? Come over right now and take our bags." Carmella, one of Fiona's bratty friends screeched.Fiona had clearly stated that she would not have "the trash" riding in her brand new car. Even when Luke had begged her to just allow his mother ride with them, she gave the older woman a disgusted look and proclaimed that if she would not ride on the bike with her son, she might as well walk.Luke's face reddened in embarrassment as half of the parking lot turned in their direction."Hold on, mum, I'll be right back." He whispered to his mum.Mrs Bradford shook her head, sadness clouding her features as she watche
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Luke stared at his reflection in the mirror, willing his jangled nerves to calm down. It was eight thirty already. Fiona and her family had already left for the exquisite ballroom where the event was going to be held hours ago, making it easier for Luke to slip out without being seen.He had on a navy blue suit, crisp white shirt and pristine navy blue slacks. His wavy brown hair was perfectly slicked back and his jaw was shaven smooth.After successfully dodging the mansion's security guard, he whistled for a taxi. Luke pulled open the back door and slipped in."Boons and Diamonds Event Hall, Central London."The driver paused with his hands on the wheel, giving Luke's cheap suit a suspicious glance in the rear view mirror."Are you sure that is where you're going? I heard the Carmichaels are having an event there." He asked.Luke glared at him,"I am Fiona Carmichael's fiancé . Can you take me to the hall now?"Visibly surprised, the driver zoomed off without another word, wonderin
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David opened the box, revealing a shimmering, luxurious diamond ring. From every indication, the ring was worth millions of pounds.Luke stared down at the little fancy diary he got Fiona as a gift. This could never be compared to David’s gift. Everyone would just laugh at him.Luke was about to turn away when David looked straight at him, his eyes burning with challenge.Finally, he got down on one knee.“Fiona, I have loved you ever since you were just ten years old. Your beauty and intelligence have never failed to leave me in awe. This ring is worth ten million pounds and today, on your twentieth birthday, it is my utmost pleasure to ask you to become my wife. Will you marry me, my princess Fiona?"Shocked silence fell over the entire hall. Fiona looked dazed, while Mr and Mrs. Carmichael's eyes widened with pleasant surprise.Luke held his breath, waiting for Fiona's response, then all around him, guests erupted in a chant,"Say yes! Say yes! Say yes…!"Fiona’s eyes shimmered wi
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CHAPTER FOURLuke jolted awake with a skull piercing headache. For a moment, he was totally disoriented. He blinked a couple of times to clear his befuddled brain, wondering what the hell had happened.His blurry eyes took in the heavy draperies and pure white walls. Then it struck him. Fiona’s rejection. The party. Getting plastered…and getting kidnapped.He shook his head slowly, taking in the strange surroundings. He was in a bedroom, and from every indication, this room belonged to an extremely affluent person. The gleaming marble floors complemented the dark draperies and bedside table made of pure mahogany. Floor to ceiling windows covered the east wall, giving him a splendid view of the large grounds of the building and the beautiful water fountain below.Even the Carmichaels’ mansion could never be compared to this beautiful place.“I must be dreaming or something.” He said to himself.He got to his feet slowly and made for the door. He looked for a door knob and couldn’t fin
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Luke collapsed into his seat, his mind buzzing with a billion different thoughts.If anyone had told him that he would one day be kidnapped and later proclaimed heir to an empire worth trillions of dollars, he would have laughed them in the face.“I’m not so sure about this.” He rasped.The old man smiled.“I understand that this is a lot for you to take in, but I assure you that accepting your position will be the best decision you have ever taken in your life.”Luke shook his head and attempted to change the subject.“So you said my parents died in an accident. Was it really an accident? Being an heir to so much money, some people might have been after them, right?”The old man heaved a sad sigh.“I’m afraid you’re right, my son. You see, the George name is one of the most important and powerful names in the world which was why I ordered that we would remain anonymous. I did not want any links or trails that would associate us with our wealth…but your father began to get out of cont
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“Where would you like to go, your Lordship?” One of the guards, apparently their leader asked.Luke smiled.“Please, call me Luke.”The man shook his head.“I’m afraid that will not be happening. Your Lordship is your official title.”Luke stared at him in confusion.“Uh…okay. If you say so.”He looked down at his dirty shoes and the wrinkled shirt he wore to Fiona’s birthday party last night and a thought crawled into his mind.“Take me to the best boutique in the city.”“Of course, your lordship.”The guards went their different ways. Some of them got into a huge, black jeep while two followed in my Tesla. Before long, we arrived at a magnificent boutique with “Kings’ Wardrobe” inscribed with shiny gold lettering on the walls.Luke asked the guards to stay in the car or just loiter around the environment while he went in on his own. Now that he thought about it, Luke had actually read about this boutique.It topped “Vogue’s most classy and luxurious boutique of the month” list just
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CHAPTER SEVEN “Has everyone suddenly gone dumb? I asked a question!” The man thundered. Martha gave Luke a full glare before turning to her boss. “I apologize for the commotion, sir. This man,” she said, pointing at Luke, “ walked in here and started picking up our wares, claiming he can pay for them. From every indication, sir, he doesn’t look like he can afford the least priced item we sell here, talk more of a ten thousand dollar watch. He was beginning to constitute a nuisance to our actual paying customers so I decided to call the security officers.” The Manager turned his dark, serious eyes on Luke. He appraised him slowly, starting from his worn out shoes to his low budget shirt. Luke did not look down or cower. Rather, he met the manager stare for stare. “What are you doing here, young man?” The manger finally asked. Luke shrugged. “I’m here to shop like everyone else.” “And how do you intend to pay for the items you’ve picked? Before you answer that question, I want y
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Nina stepped into the car, confusion written all over her features. The last time she saw Luke, she had bought him a plate of food from the school’s cafeteria because he was unable to afford even the least item sold there. Where the hell did he get a Tesla?She decided to keep silent so as not to appear rude. Maybe he had borrowed it or something.Luke put the cat in “drive” and continued down the lane.“So…how are you, Nina?”She forced a smile.“Very well, thank you.”Awkward silence reigned in the car after that. Something was wrong with Nina. Luke could feel it. Her normal bright and smiling countenance was stiff and dull.Has someone hurt her? Luke felt his blood boil at the thought.When the silence began to get uncomfortable, he decided to broach the subject.“Uh…Nina, are you okay?”She turned her big blue eyes in his direction.“What? Yes, of course. I’m fine.” A forced laugh escaped her.Now Luke was sure something was wrong.“Are you sure you’re okay? You can tell me, you
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“I have no idea what you’re talking about, Fiona. Please step back.”Fiona refused to backdown. Instead, she tried to get in Nina’s face but Luke stepped between them, blocking her path. His eyes glowed with annoyance,“You and I no longer share any form of relationship, Fiona Carmichael. I would advise you to stay away from Nina and I from now on. Do you understand?”Fiona’s mouth dropped open in shock at the command in Luke’s voice. Before she could say anything, David interfered.“Why are you allowing yourself to be talked down on by this low class riff raff, sweetheart? Let’s get out of here. He was never worth our attention in the first place.”“Yes,” Luke added. “You both should get out of here. And please, avoid confronting us in the near future.”David froze at Luke’s obvious insult. He turned to him, his lips curled in a sneer.“Oh look, the timid pauper can finally stand up for himself. Need I remind you that you are far beneath by class, Luke Bradford. You are a useless go
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Luke finally made it to class and took his seat. All around him, students whispered in hushed voices about the debacle that just went down at the parking lot. The video of Luke’s assault on David and the intervention of his body guards had already swept through the entire school’s social media platforms like wildfire.Right now, Luke was the number one trending topic in the school, and strangely, he felt good about it. Some students even stopped over and gave him a friendly pat on the back.The lecturer finally appeared and the class resumed. Twenty minutes into the lecture, an armed security guard walked into the room.The entire class went silent as they watched him communicate with the lecturer in low tones for a few brief seconds. “Luke Bradford.” The guard called, turning to the class. “Does any student go by that name here?”Surprised, Luke slowly raised his hand.“Yes, sir?”“The Dean requests your presence in his office right away.”The class erupted in a flurry of low murmur
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