Chapter 1700 Let's Go Home

When Josias got into the car, he was startled.

Everaldo was sitting in the passenger seat! How did he get in?

“Everaldo, I locked the car!” Josias exclaims terrifyingly.

Everaldo just nods, “That's not true, Josias. The door was open and I went in.”

Josias narrows his eyes. No, he locked the car doors. But if Ernesto wants to play...

“OK, tell me the blessing for 1997.”

Everaldo chuckles, “Sixteen years, and you still haven't learned? Josias, it’s not me, it’s God who blesses your life with glory, happiness, joy, wealth, and prosperity.”

“Yes, but you are sent from God to do the work.” Josias suddenly grabs Everaldo's arm only to see that he is flesh and blood, “You have acquired human form.”

“I have always been human, Josias!” Everaldo is exasperated.

“Jesus Christ also bled when he was whipped and hung on the stake.” Josias winks at his friend, “But he wasn't 100% human.”

Everaldo purses his lips holding back a laugh, “OK, stubborn dude. I liked to see that you prevented Uélton from
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