Chapter 1748 The Nightclub Owner

At the police station, Beto is arguing with Amoreira about the clowning going on at the police station. Both are in the detective's office.

“Mr. Amoreira, how are the investigations into Renan Vasconcelos going?”

“The sergeant stuck them in that place!” Amoreira barks, pounding on the desk piled high with copies of Maggiezine.

Beto snorts, “There's no way, the madman will end up kidnapping and killing my dear sister. And the worst of all is that my life is also in danger when he thinks I am her lover!”

Amoreira purses his lips in disgust, “I thought you were Miss Reis's brother.”

“Of course we are siblings; so it indicates how much Mr. Vasconcelos is sick and retarded! He cannot live in a society! How did he manage to be an industrialist?”

“According to what I read in Maggiezine, he took over the company built by their parents, who are now in their advanced age.”

Beto tries to reconcile this information with what he knows, “So, he ran away from here after the loan shark died and took
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