First Heir: Hunter Dmitri

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First Heir: Hunter Dmitri

By: Blueesandy OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Hunter gave up everything he has to start a life with the woman he loved, only to end up with shattered heart, and humiliation. Now, he is back on his rightful place, prepared to get his revenge to the people who broke his trust. However; destiny plays hard on him, and dared him again.


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74 chapters
“Damn it, where the hell is she?” Hunter mumbled as he impatiently stomped his feet on the vitrified tiles; Hunter have been standing and waiting here for no less than Six hours; Olivia, his fiancé, usually got off to work around five o’clock. He fished his phone and composed a text again. Today is their anniversary; Hunter looked at his wristwatch, it was past eleven o’clock, still, no sign of Olivia. Hunter wasn’t mad, coming late, but the fact that he can’t reach her makes him anxious.Olivia is an epitome of beauty, and danger is always one step ahead of her; and he is trying to avoid it by occasionally waiting for her in front of their house, plus the fact that this neighborhood is not safe anymore these days, The man don’t want to use his power, and make her feel like she’s a criminal. He wants to try it, as normal as possible. He tried hitting her phone again; Still, no answer. “This won’t do; I’ll go and fetch her myself,” Hunter immediately grabbed his jacket and ru
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Hunter hurriedly got to the hotel; he’s been using a cab, since the moment he decided to pursue Olivia, without his family’s help, neither name nor wealth, he even considering of using Olivia’s last name. When he reached the hotel entrance, an admin approached him, just looking at him, a typical scenario; Hunter can’t smile, due to the earlier incident, and he doesn’t have to pretend low, when Olivia’s wasn’t around, “I’m here under the reservation of Hunter Dimitri,” he used his mother’s maiden name. He doubtfully looked at Hunter and scanned me again; oh right, “You must be?” that wasn’t a question. Hunter handed him his ID, “I’m Hunter Dimitri; my fiancé is waiting for me. Could you please tell me where our table is?” he heard no reply; the admin just assisted him to the reserved table. There, he saw his lovely fiancé looking at her phone; annoyance was surprisingly visible on her beautiful face, and she had a wine glass in her left hand, Hunter saw two empty champagne
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Hunter was staring blankly ahead, holding his temper, and continued eating, “I am no one, I think that’s what you wanted to say, right?” Olivia looked at Hunter, Shock strike Olivia’s eyes, this was the first time Hunter spoke with threatening voice, “I’m just a no one, who leech off to your well-earn-money,” Olivia immediately recover from being shocked, she grabbed her wine glass and poured it straight to Hunter’s face. “How dare you threaten me? Huh, do you have the balls to put me on my place? I beg to disagree,” Olivia looked at the food in front of them, “Other man paid for this, instead of you? What a shame,”Hunter’s eyes widen upon realizing what happen, his mind didn’t have the chance to control his body, he grip the wine bottle and threw it to wall behind Olivia. Olivia froze on her spot. Her face became pale, “I said that’s enough, didn’t I?” he angrily said, however, upon seeing Olivia’s expression, Hunter gritted his teeth, “I’m sorry,” “You jerk! Fuck you! I’m
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Hunter spent the whole week planning for their wedding; there are a few things left to do since Master Pritt ensured everything would be done smoothly. Olivia refused to speak with Hunter. She still felt hostile, as always; she was staying in her friend’s condo, which he let; if this was her way to accept the situation, he let her do it; she had a week to prepare herself. He may sound nonchalant, but his heart feels empty, knowing that he have to deal with this feeling for the rest of my life.“Hey, you, okay?” Liana, Hunter’s best friend, pat him that pushed him out from his reverie, “You look awful, dude, come on, try this; I saw a cute petite girl down there; I’ll just drop my hi,”Hunter scoff, “Oh come on, Lia, don’t rush, and just insert those five on her; I’ll be patiently waiting for you here, no pressure,”He heard her laugh before exiting the boutique; she’s a lesbian, and when she said she would drop her hi, it meant she’s going to fuck that woman; it’s always a target
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“I’m sorry, Hunter. I’m really sorry,” master Pritt kept on apologizing to Hunter, who’s just silently standing near the aisle.Most of the guests went home an hour ago, and Hunter wasn’t spoken since then, he felt ashamed, and broken hearted, thinking of all the things he had done for Olivia, and yet she still chose to leave him with so much pain.“We can still fix this, I will do everything in my power to reach Olivia, don’t worry, Hunter, the wedding will still happen,”The church’s door suddenly open, and there, Alfred—his right hand, arrived, to pick him up. Master Pritt and Mr. Johnson, looked at Alfred confusingly, “Boss,” Alfred muttered, as he saw the man who he have been serving for year.He immediately walk towards Hunter, “Alfred, it’s nice to see you again,” Hunter’s broken voice greeted Alfred.“Who might be this man, Hunter? You know him?” Mr. Johnson asked, still looking at Alfred, the remaining guests were also looking at the newly arrived Alfred.Alfred stood stra
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“Good morning, how may I help you today?” a guy greeted Hunter, while he was picking his order, “If you can’t choose, then, I’d like to offer you some of our best seller,”Hunter’s brow furrowed, then nodded eventually, “Thanks, so, what can you offer for me, with less cream or milk,”“You can have our avocado escape, or reales pocho, it both contains fifteen percent milk, ten percent sugar, and fifty percent coffee,”Hunter handed the cashier his card, “I’ll get that both, thanks,”“Thank you, here’s your card sir, and this,” he handed Hunter a buzzer, “We will let you know once your order is ready, for the meantime, you can sit over there,” Hunter nodded and settle himself to a sofa near the counter.He just went back, after a month of staying home, he came back to the place where he was shamed, and belittled, Hunter’s father let him decide, to whatever he plans to do, and he want to start at the very place where he though, he would start a new.“Omg, is this real?!” Hunter look
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“What the hell, that was so cool of you, dude!” Smith couldn’t help but to be amazed, he knew Hunter.He never boast on anything, but he never thought that he can really keep his mouth shut, no matter how people look down on him.“Stop it,” hunter said, with a smirk on his face, “You didn’t have to slap them that hard, you know,”They exchanged looks and laugh. Both of them ordered and had a great time, Olivia and William exited the restaurant, fluster with a sudden revelation. They can’t seem to move on with what happen.“So, when do you plan to start expanding? I mean, this was the only land you never had a business, you should invest,”“That’s why I’m here, Smith, you don’t need to rub that to my face,” Smith punch him playfully and continue drinking his wine, “This is a good place to put up a business, not yet fully established with other big business owners,”“The lands were still cheaper than from the other cities,” Hunter nodded, “Like the old times?”Hunter chuckled, “Yu
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“Enjoy the rest of the night, we have a lot to catch up, my dear friend, let me know when you’re through with your meeting,” Abu said to Hunter, with a huge smile on his lips.Hunter let a small laugh, “Of course, I will let you know, thank you for accommodating us, I will see you later,” Hunter said, Abu nodded and exited the room, “Why don’t we settle ourselves while waiting for the feast?” Hunter said, then sat on the sofa.Olivia and William sat in front of Hunter, “I didn’t know you we’re as capable of deceiving thousands of good businessman with your words,” Olivia starts to humiliate him again, in front of William, “I still can’t believe that you can climb up to the chain this fast, I mean, I can’t blame them, you had me and my family on your hands for years, just because you know how to talk sweet,”“I have a quick question for you, Olivia,” Hunter answer instead, despite of all the things he had heard from Olivia, “Answer me carefully, this will be the path you will wal
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“Hunter, you look excellent; how are you holding up?” Master Pritt greeted Hunter as soon as he arrived at the coffee shop, “I’m sorry, are you comfortable meeting here?”Hunter chuckled, “Of course, this is your favorite coffee shop; I wouldn’t miss sipping the coffee here,” he answered and accepted master Pritt’s hands, hanging in the air, waiting for his to meet.“You still remember, huh,” humor was evident in his voice, “I ordered a drink while I was waiting, if you don’t mind,” “Oh, come on! No worries so,” Hunter trailed, “How was business?”Master Pritt laughed with so much humor, “Of course, I followed your advice; you’re a fucking good businessman; you just saved me a million-dollar fee,” he said and followed by a laugh.“Don’t mention it, anyway,” Hunter pulls off a paper from his bag, “Here are the papers I mentioned to you before. Would you like to read them and take a look before you sign them?”Master Pritt waved his hand, “No need, that action was for foolish people;
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“You stay out of that island, I’ve sent my men to accompany you to your new home, and I made sure no one will know your whereabouts,” Hunter said while signing a cheque, “Here, upon arriving, you have to give this to Lady Alicia, she’s one of my trusted people,”Joe looks at him with so much confusion in his eyes, “Why are you doing this? Why are you helping us?” “Like what I said, I’m a man of my word; when I promise to do something, I will, so don’t be surprised,”“Why didn’t you kill me?” Joe looked at the lifeless man behind Hunter, “Instead, you killed him,” Hunter throws a glimpse at the body, “He’s the mole I’ve been looking for; you were just a bait,” Joe blinked twice just to see if Hunter was bluffing or not.It took half a minute before Joe let a loud laugh, “You’re fucking something, man; you’re freaking funny,”“I know, just don’t laugh at me; I tend to shoot anyone who laughs at me,” Joe shook his head, “You have to go now; I’ll deal with those motherfuckers; you sh
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