Revenge of Oliver Hudson

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Revenge of Oliver Hudson

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Oliver Hudson seemed to be a very poor man and after three years of marriage, his wife, Sienna Taylor, has emerged as the most successful businesswoman in 3 years. Her beauty was one of a kind and tons of men were attracted by that. Sienna Taylor thought that she cannot keep spending her life with a wretched man like him so she decided to divorce. After 3 years of marriage and all he’s done, all Oliver Hudson got paid back with was a divorce but what his wife doesn’t know was that he’s not the poor man that he appears to be and without him she’s nothing. Oliver Hudson on the other contrary turned out to be a very powerful man with special abilities and people bow to him and now, he vows to make Sienna and her family bow to him too. Now, what kind of man did Sienna miss and what length will she go to get him back?

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  • ASystem


    I have a new book out now “Once Bullied: Lyon Armstrong is back.” I’ll love it if you all read, add to your libraries and let me know what you think about it🥹

    2024-01-30 19:23:28
  • ASystem


    Hi all. This is my first Son-in-law book and I promise I’m putting my best into it to satisfy my lovely readers. I hope you enjoy the ride, I’ll be updating daily and don’t forget to leave a review. Thank you!

    2023-09-05 17:05:13
  • Sara Logan


    yup, definitely the same storyline as another one I'm readying with different names. wow how insane is this?

    2023-09-24 05:45:46
  • Latifat


    I'm impressed by this masterpiece... my ink to your pen, dear author

    2023-09-09 21:04:10
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174 chapters
Chapter 01
“If you have no further objection, just sign here.” Delilah said, her voice filled with mockery and insults as she slammed the paper in front of Oliver.Oliver, shocked, looked down at the papers and then back up at Delilah, he knew that she had always hated him because of his poor status but he only shrugged her off and hoped she would change.“Delilah.” Oliver called, he was astounded, unable to believe that something like this would happen. He never saw it coming.“The last thing I want is for my name to come out of your filthy mouth, you poor dog.” Delilah shot at him, anger burning in her eyes.“What do you want?” Oliver finally asked with a frown across his face, he already knew what she wanted and he could see the title ‘Divorce’ written on top of the paper.Delilah smirked, her eyes mocking him as she sized him up and down. She doesn’t want him with her daughter and she will do everything within her power to separate them.“You’re really asking me what I want?” Delilah demande
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Chapter 02
Scoffing, Oliver paced around the room for a while. He was already tired of arguing with his wife and one look at the divorce papers made fresh memories flash across his mind.He knew that he loved her once, he loved her so much that he was ready to do anything for her but now the woman standing in front of him isn’t the woman he once loved.Everything about her had changed and for a moment Oliver was expecting her to take back her words.He was expecting her to say to him that it was just a prank and that she loves him so much that she would never think of divorcing him but none of that happened.For her happiness, he was going to sign the divorce papers.Oliver took another look at the divorce agreement and without thinking too hard, he signed it and handed it over to his wife who gave it to her mother.Delilah was happy to see that Oliver was signing the papers, she was glad that now her daughter would have many better opportunities with better men.Her joy was evident in her face
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Chapter 03
Oliver turned to look at who it was and his frown got even deeper when he saw who the person standing behind him was.It was Austin Taylor, his wife’s younger brother and another person in the family that hated him so much.“How wretched can you be for you to still be requesting something from your ex-wife?” He asked as she shook his head.He would always rub the fact that Oliver was a loser on his face and all he ever does is ask for money from his sister.He’s just as jobless and useless but doesn’t think that he needs to work because his sister is now a CEO.Oliver stood there without saying anything because his mood doesn’t allow it. Turning properly so that he’s going to be facing Austin.Austin walked in and whistled when he saw the girl standing with Oliver. She’s a really pretty girl with long blonde hair that flowed on her shoulders.The girl looked around uncomfortably before moving behind Oliver for protection. She always goes around with bodyguards but didn’t come with any
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Chapter 04
Oliver and the girl made their way out of the house, the girl was still pretty shaken up but Oliver managed to keep her calm until they got into the car.Austin ran back home, he still couldn’t believe the fact that Oliver had hit him so hard that there were now bruises all over his body.Out of breath, he opened the door to his sister’s house, holding his chest and panting as he hurried to the kitchen for water.“What the hell?!” Delilah yelled when she saw her son covered in bruises. She always thought that Austin was strong enough to protect himself but now he’s all covered in injuries.“Austin!” She called, running to her son and taking him in her arms. She was so angry that her eyes had turned red already.“Who did this to you?” She asked, swearing to make sure that whoever hurt her son pays for it.“O… Oliver.” Austin answered and Delilah’s anger grew even more, she couldn’t believe her ears and the fact that Oliver hit her son.“What right does he have to hit you?!” She yelled
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Chapter 05
Oliver nodded to the girl after he had already looked out of the car window and the car stopped.“Look, I am very busy at the moment and I don’t have time to spare to listen to your nonsense.” He said into the phone.Sienna got really angry, she had also heard the girl’s voice and got jealous. She didn’t think that Oliver would go ahead and date again so quickly.The thought of Oliver dating the new girl was making anger flash through her veins. She wanted to hurt the girl but she has no right.She thought that Oliver was also dating the girl or they wouldn’t be going out together for the girl to tell him that they’ve arrived.She sneered and clenched her fist in anger as she held the phone very tightly to her ear and breathed in heavily.“I’m trying really hard, as hard as I can to make sure things work out for you but you’re just going to ignore me?” Sienna asked angrily.“Look, Sienna, just like I said earlier, I don’t have the time to have unnecessary conversations with you now.”
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Chapter 06
Oliver smiled, he doesn’t blame the young doctor because anyone will find it ridiculous to think he can save the lord’s life without any medical degree.It also wasn’t the first time that he’s going to be doubted and looked down upon.Many people didn’t believe him when he first started but now they treat him differently.They all treat him like he’s the real god of medicine and whatever he says is what they make sure they do.Anywhere Oliver Hudson’s name is mentioned, everyone fears and refers to him as a demigod.Oliver smiled again, he removed his hand from his pocket and approached the young doctor with a smile on his face.“I know it’s unbelievable but you’ll just have to believe that I can save his life.” Oliver explained.He doesn’t want to fight or get angry because the young doctor has every reason to yell and be angry.How could an ordinary man save the lord?“But believe me, this is something I do and just like she said, I can help him.” Oliver continued talking but the yo
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Chapter 07
It was shocking and Oliver didn’t think that there was going to be any hindrance in curing the old lord.Everyone moved their head to the direction where the voice was coming from and there they saw the man.It was a middle aged man and he looked really angry. He was angry that they were trying to save the old lord.“What’s wrong, Sir?” The young doctor asked politely but the man only sneered at her, looking at her disdainfully.“I said stop!” He almost yelled, repeating the words he’d earlier said to stop them, “no one is moving him out of here.” He added.Oliver, the girl and the young female doctor couldn’t believe the ridiculous words coming out of the man’s mouth.They’d thought that anyone would be happy to know that they were trying their best to save the old lord instead of getting angry.“Why? Why are you stopping us from moving him when that’s literally the only thing that could save his life?” The girl asked, shocked that someone wouldn’t want her grandfather to be healthy.
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Chapter 08
“Oh my god!” The girl screamed, she got really scared as she held the young doctor who was also shocked but managed to keep her own fear under wraps.The insects that the old lord vomited soon started changing under the sunlight and after a while the insects turned into another black fog and disappeared into the sky.It was shocking because the girl and the young doctor hadn't seen anything like this before. The young doctor knew that there was something about Oliver but she still didn’t think that he was magical.“Look, Lord Tate is awake!” The young doctor announced and the girl broke down in tears, she was really joyful that Oliver had once again saved her grandfather.She ran towards him as fast as she could and went to hug a coughing Lord Tate, she’d thought that there was no more hope and she was going to lose her grandpa but Oliver came to the rescue instead.The old lord felt strange, he felt like something was moving inside him but the thing stopped and he felt better as he w
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Chapter 09
The mention of his wife made cold chills run down Oliver’s Spine. He felt uncomfortable and painful memories flashed through his mind again but he shrugged it off.He knew that the Old Lord didn't know about his divorce so he wasn’t going to blame him for mentioning his wife and causing him more pain.He’d tried really hard to forget all about Sienna Taylor and everything that came with her but the mention of her name just made everything crumble.He wished they hadn’t divorced but he was also happy that they did because that only indicated that all those years together was a lie.She never really loved him and the only reason she stayed with him was because they were in the same social class but now that Sienna got richer than him she’d thought that the next line of action was divorce.“Sienna Taylor and I are no longer married to each other.” Oliver finally said after a long time of silence and the old lord was shocked to his core.“What do you mean you are no longer married to each
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Chapter 10
The shocked look on the gangsters’ face intensified. They were not expecting who they were coming to attack to be Oliver Hudson.“Drop your fucking weapons!” The leader ordered the rest of the men and they all dropped everything they were holding in terror.Oliver smirked before looking in the direction of Delilah and her son. They were also surprised and he lived for moments like this.Just because he lived with Sienna Taylor doesn’t mean he’s a worthless man, they in-fact don’t know anything about him.“What are you doing?” Austin yelled at them, his face was red with anger and he still feels the pain from when Oliver beat him up.“You’re supposed to teach him a lesson!” He shouted again, “you were supposed to beat him and the wretched bitch beside him up too.” Austin shouted so loudly that Oliver had to mockingly rub his ear.The gang leader was also angry and before anyone could blink twice, he walked towards Austin and landed a very loud and painful slap on his face.“You expect
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