Chapter 1796 Donkey Idea

Josias returns to Rocha Constructions and finds Katherine waiting for him.

“Honey, shouldn't you be in the Teodoro building’s canteen eating with everyone else?”

Katherine smiles romantically, “I'd rather celebrate with you.”

“Are you prepared for the next action of our lives?” Josias asks softly, in her ear.

Katherine feels goosebumps. Of course she's prepared! Being Mrs. Rocha is everything she's wanted since 1992.

“My father called.” Katherine changes her tone, “He said he wants everything bad for our lives and that J.J. die.”

Josias breaks the smile. The frown is so ugly that Katherine is even afraid of him.

“I think I'll pay my father-in-law a visit.”

Katherine already imagines the Bezerra Farm being set on fire while Ephraim is burned alive on a stake as if he were the scarecrow of the field, “NO, dear, don't stain your hands with blood! We are going to look for Everaldo so that he can pronounce a blessing instead of a curse.”

“OK, let God take care of those who curse us.” Josia
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