Rise and shine

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Rise and shine

By: Fpen OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Desert by in-laws, betrayed by wife and best friend, lost his child, called a low life. He is back for revenge. Not to kill but to torment, untill they kneel and beg for forgiveness.

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  • Fpen


    there will now be regular update. please follow up.

    2023-11-25 05:51:22
  • muqtaridris1


    interesting!!!, full of suspense

    2023-08-05 08:24:14
  • Mwrites


    I love this, a good read.

    2023-08-25 09:39:02
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35 chapters
Chapter 1
Tom POV. The best way to seek revenge doesn't involve violence or physical fights. Instead, the real power lies in causing emotional distress to your adversaries, catching them off guard with unexpected actions that leave them shaken. Show them that you are capable of achieving great things, making them feel small and regretful. Make them beg for forgiveness and apologize continuously. But most importantly, don't give them the comfort of forgiveness. This is my mission, my unwavering purpose. My revenge. ***** A flashback from five years ago. Kneeling down has become a familiar position for me. Within this family, I find myself trapped, unable to survive independently. I lack any place to turn to, devoid of any other family to seek solace from. "Please, allow me to stay. I promise I will repay your money," I pleaded desperately. "You have brought disgrace upon us, and it's impossible for you to repay such a sum, given your impoverished state," my father-in-law sneered. "Y
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Chapter 2
Tom's POV As the night draped itself in a cloak of darkness, I remained on my knees, enduring the searing pain and the crimson stains of blood. Cradled in my arms, my son, Liam slept soundly, oblivious to the turmoil unfolding around him. My determination held strong—I refused to rise until they reconsidered their decision. "You're still here, but this changes nothing. The verdict has been passed," Ariana uttered with a mix of frustration and resignation. "How could you do this? I placed my trust in you, and yet you... you abandoned our son," I mustered the last remnants of energy within me to speak. "You are despicable. You are poor. My love for you remains, unchangeable. But I cannot bear being dragged down into the mud," she responded, tears streaming down her face. "Can't you plead with your father on my behalf? I'm certain he will listen to you," I implored, desperately grasping at any sliver of hope. "Listen, you just don't understand. My father has already forced me to ch
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Chapter 3.
Tom's POV: Rushing down the staircase, my steps echoed with a sense of urgency as I eagerly reached for the car door, a tangible symbol of my current station. With impeccable poise, he gracefully alighted from the vehicle, effortlessly gliding into his surroundings. In a gesture of trust, he handed me a stack of files to hold, and together, we ventured into the company premises, my presence subtly shadowing his every move. Whispers danced through the air as we made our entrance, their purposeful volume exposing their intention to be heard. "Have you heard? He's been reduced to nothing more than a mere driver," one staff member declared, ensuring their words reached my ears. The subsequent murmurs cascaded like a waterfall, each drop laden with judgments and opinions. "Just a parasite," a voice sneered, venom dripping from each syllable. The atmosphere grew heavy with disdain, suffocating the space we occupied. "Stay nearby," he instructed, his voice laced with authority, and o
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Chapter 4.
Tom's POV Now faced with the daunting question of where to go, my mind swirled with uncertainty. I had no place to call my own, only that old shabby grandma's hut, even a pig can't survive there. This predicament should have been mine alone to endure, but now it involved both me and my son, Liam. Determined to find a temporary refuge, we continued walking towards the bus terminal, our only hope of escaping the encroaching darkness that would soon cloak the city. "Dad," Liam called out, his young voice filled with a mixture of fear and hope. "Everything will be okay," I reassured him, trying to offer comfort in the midst of our dire circumstances. Although he was only four years old, Liam possessed a keen understanding of the gravity of our situation. Yet, deep down, I knew that "okay" was a distant concept—a luxury we could no longer afford. Liam groaned in pain, clutching his stomach tightly. "Dad... my stomach hurts," he whimpered, his distress growing more evident with eac
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Chapter 5.
Tom's POV Let me express the sentiment that being a billionaire entails a remarkable level of control and influence, where one possesses the ability to command anything they desire and have it at their disposal, essentially reigning supreme. This extraordinary feeling currently permeates my being. With an air of elegance, I descend majestically from my luxurious car, its door promptly opened for me. The staff members, already lined up, eagerly await my arrival. Flanking me are two bodyguards, standing steadfastly by my side, as well as my ever-loyal secretary, Riley, who is the very reason I find myself in this place. As I pass through the line of staff members, making my way into the office, I inquire about the state of affairs from Riley. "How are things?" I ask with a sense of authority. She responds with a smile, assuring me that everything is going according to plan. Then she adds, "Sky lord wants to see you." Having just returned, I hope that no problems have arisen in my
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Chapter 6.
Max and Ariana arrived at their home, with Max visibly agitated and his anger palpable on his face. He glared at Ariana, his eyes filled with intensity as he confronted her with a sharp tone. "So, you want a divorce?" he asked, his voice carrying a mixture of hurt and frustration."Yes, Max. I want a divorce," Ariana replied, her words tinged with resentment. "I regret spending my entire life with you. You've wasted my years. We rarely make love, and you show me no care or affection. All you do is work late into the night."Max retorted, his voice filled with defiance. "You're not getting that divorce. It's impossible. It's between me and your father.""You're nothing but an animal," Ariana shot back, her regret for choosing Max evident in her words. "I shouldn't have made that decision to be with you.""Oh, so you regret choosing this life because of poverty? Why don't you choose him, then? Because you know that if you had followed him, you would have ended up a beggar, just like he
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Chapter 7.
Tom's POVI proceeded to stamp the photos of the company and my targets on the board, ensuring each stamp was firmly imprinted. "These are the three companies owned by Mr. Ray that I want to attack," I explained. "First, there's Bradon Technology and Engineering. Then, there's Brandon Welfare and Care, which was supposed to help people, but it seems they're doing the opposite. And finally, there's Brandon Investment and Financial, mainly focused on investing. Our primary target is the first one."Riley remarked, "Tiger should have found something by now.""Yes, he should. They won't see this coming. It will be a surprise," I responded, a bewildered expression on my face. "I can't wait to see it successful.""What about the wife you told me about? she betrayed you too "Riley inquired. Ariana also deserves to be punished. She led our son to his death. But why can't I do it myself? I hesitated. my reluctance evident.Riley noticed my hesitation and asked, "Okay, where should we begin?"
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Chapter 8
Tom's POV We've gathered valuable information against Mr. Johnson and Aiden, but now we need to find a trustworthy reporter. "Her name is Allison; she's known for being truthful, though she's been let go from three broadcasting stations and is now working independently," Riley explained. "That sounds promising, but how can we get in touch with her?" I asked. "Don't worry about that," Riley assured me. "We just need to act quickly, as time is against us. Tiger has messed up, and they know someone is onto them." **** "What did you just say?" Aiden groaned at him. "Are you serious? Someone knows about us and the launch" "We might have to stop everything." "Stop? What do you mean? I've invested a fortune in this!" Aiden yelled. "I understand, but we have no choice. Let's pause for now and continue once everything is resolved," He replied. Aiden reluctantly downed his drink.you better don’t say my name if you anything goes wrong” he said and left him.**** Tom's POV "Who are y
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Chapter 9
As Aiden finishes talking, Mr. Ray accidentally drops his tea, clearly taken aback by the revelation. "What do you mean? The prosecutor is onto you? What have you done?" he asks simultaneously, urging Aiden to be honest if he wants to survive. Aiden has no choice but to come clean, confessing about the app and the money laundering. Mr. Ray sternly reprimands him, "How could you engage in something so illegal without consulting me?" Aiden trembles, kneeling before his father, pleading for help. "Dad, please, I didn't anticipate it would go wrong. I need your assistance this time." Mr. Ray scoffs in anguish, "You're trying to be clever, huh? Is this the project that you believe will make you billions? You want it all for yourself, and now look at the mess you've created." Aiden keeps pleading, but his father continues to scold him. "The reason I am where I am today is that I work diligently, legally, and avoid investing in foolishly risky ventures," he yells at him. As they are sti
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Chapter 10
As the door swings open, Aiden and Max step into the room. The weariness etched on Aiden's face is evident, a consequence of a long and difficult day in lockup.Upon catching sight of Aiden, Mrs. Ray is taken aback and immediately filled with sympathy for him.She can't help but express her concern, saying, "Oh no," as she approaches him, gently guiding him to take a seat.Max follows suit, pulling up a chair and joining them in the room. With genuine gratitude, Mrs. Ray turns to Max and says, "Thank you, Max."As the room settles into an air of tension, Mr. Ray, seated with a cup of tea in hand, suddenly lifts his head and delivers a stern remark, his tone laced with authority and dissatisfaction."You better be careful next time before you waste my hard-earned money on something unreasonable," he warns Aiden, who respectfully bows his head and replies with a simple, "Okay, sir."It's evident that Aiden has somehow managed to misuse or squander Mr. Ray's funds, an act that doesn't si
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