Chapter 1871 Vacancies For My Son

In the Mountain Penthouse, Kelvin is outraged by a visitor mistreating the lady of the home.

“Mrs. Rocha, Katherine, I don't know what you want to be called: don't come to my home to insult my wife.”

Katherine smiles venomously and retorts rudely, “Don't you realize that none of this is really yours? You are living in the penthouse that was purchased by Josias and you are married to a woman who once slept with the same Josias, and to top it all off, you are raising two of Josias's children!”

Melissa can't take it anymore and raises her hand to slap the insolent one, but Kelvin catches it in time.

Katherine widens her eyes, “Let her go, Kelvin! Let's see if she has the nerve to slap me. In the next issue of Maggiezine, her reputation will be ruined!”

“Maggie would never low herself to that role!” Melissa screams.

“My dear, before she was your sister-in-law, she was editor-in-chief of the magazine that has grown the most in circulation. She wouldn't pass up this hot gossip.”

Kelvin is d
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