The Magnificent James Lawrence

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The Magnificent James Lawrence

By: Rafaiir_ OngoingUrban/Realistic

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James Lawrence's life was miserable. He was abused, mocked, and humiliated before his wife's big family. They didn't like him because James worked as a clerk in a small bar, unlike his wife, who worked as a manager in a big company. James believed his wife was different from her big family, given the amount of love between them. Until one night, when James came home late due to work, James eyes saw his wife sleeping in another man's arms on the bed. The sight certainly made James' heart pain and broken, and his wife's betrayal insulted him. When he was pensive, lamenting his ruined life. A notification appeared on the glasses James always wore. [Enemy tracks detected] [Activate VIP system] [Congratulations!] [You have complete control over all assets] James was shocked. At last, the day he had been waiting for had arrived. He had the power to prove himself to everyone who had put him down. "It seems that things will turn around now!" After years of waiting, James managed to get all his assets back. Now, his primary purpose is to investigate the case of his wife's big family.

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  • Rafaiir_


    Hello, author here! This is my first urban-system stories in Meganovel. I hope you could enjoy it and feel free to tell me if you have something to discuss. Regards. Rafaiir

    2023-09-19 21:32:47
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55 chapters
Chapter 1 - James the Loser
"You're such a loser!" cursed an old woman, her face completely furious at James Rickon's arrival. That night, James Rickon had returned from his shift at a small bar on the city's edge. The man with shoulder-length black hair looked exhausted, with a strong odour coming from his body, sweaty from the heavy physical work at the bar. He arrived at the house where he lived with his wife, Caroline Rosewood. The house didn't belong to the two but to Caroline Rosewood's big family. There were three families living there with their children; only James and Caroline were childless. The old woman who shouted at James was Madam Margaery, the owner of three large companies under the Rosewood Family. The 74-year-old white-haired woman hated James because he came from an ordinary family, and his work wasn't worthy of the Rosewood Family. "You are a disgrace to Rosewood. I don't understand why Caroline keeps sticking up for you!" snapped Madam Margaery, pointing at James kneeling resignedly bef
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Chapter 2 - Absolute System
[Opening the Mission File] [Mission Level: Top Secret] [Mission file opened] [Drug trafficking funds were suspected to be transferred to several shadow accounts in the Rosewood Family Company. The leader of the Rosewood Family was allegedly involved in shipping drugs to various countries. The arrested dealers claimed that the goods came from someone with the nickname High Roses.] [Your mission, if you accept it, is to discover the true identity of High Roses. Destroy the drug factory and arrest the people involved in it.] [Agents have the right to use their assets, including Prime's ability to carry out orders or investigations] [If you are captured, The Red Eye will not admit to anything you did. If you succeed, you will be informed of your next mission.] [Done] [Mission file Encrypted] James nodded slowly. The man, who was gifted with high intelligence, was able to understand the meaning of the mission explana
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Chapter 3 - Lawrence Family
James walked closer to his bedroom. His right hand reached for the doorknob and opened it quietly, making no noise. Through the crack of the open door, he could see Caroline burying her face in the pillow. The sound of her crying was clearly audible, considering the Rosewood house was quiet, just the two of them and some maids. James's mind was utterly chaotic; his heart was mixed between satisfaction and sadness at Caroline's condition. But as a spy agent, James must put aside the feelings in his heart for the success of his mission. He thought he had to eliminate all her mistresses and show himself as different from before to get Caroline's heart completely. James closed the door again slowly. To create the impression that he had come to the room, James opened it again by moving the doorknob pretty hard, giving Caroline a chance to respond. "It's been a long night. Are you feeling the same, dear?" asked James, acting normal as if nothing had happene
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Chapter 4 - Direct Command
Amelia said goodbye to James. She said she would go home early today to talk about many things with her brother that she had missed all this time. A luxurious black sedan drove up and parked in front of Amelia. Before she entered, the woman left a message that James could use all the facilities at the residence, including the helicopter or private jet parked on the runway of the city's airport. "Go, they'll be waiting for you," James explained. Amelia smiled sweetly and nodded her head. She left the Lawrence residence compound with her assistant; it took three SUVs to accompany her. Each SUV was filled with bodyguards and assistants. James focused his attention on the five-story mansion before him, where three men in military attire were still waiting for Tobias at the door. Seeing James walk up made one of the men who was the leader of the state intelligence agency, Red Eye, approach him. James knew who the man was: a short man with a thin bo
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Chapter 5 - Devil's Disease
The phone call ended, James gave the phone back to Gilbert. He fully understood what the president wanted, especially since the current situation could be considered urgent. The spread of drugs was worrying, having a significant negative impact on the nation's generation. James knew why this task had been given to him. "He has high hopes for you, Mr Lawrence. He has even chosen his best people to help you in your duty," Colonel Gilbert explained, putting his phone back into the pocket of his military shirt. He sat on a single-seat sofa, poured his best wine into his glass, and took one sip, "I will choose my own men." "But the president wants it in person. He wants to make sure that you are carrying out this mission well," Gilbert explained. "So, the President doesn't trust me and my men?" asked James, squinting both eyes with a sharp glare, making Gilbert clumsy. "It's not like that. He just doesn't trust them yet," Gilbert replied.Read more
Chapter 6 - Processing Inteligence Data
Evening. There was a soft knock on the door of James' study; a waitress stood waiting with both hands, holding a tray of snacks for James. The woman was still standing and reluctant to come in until instructed to do so by James. From the other direction, the lift doors opened, and Amelia arrived in her blazer suit. She looked ahead and saw the maid standing at attention before James' study, continuing to say that she had brought the food just as he had ordered. Amelia had a smile on her beautiful white face. She approached the woman, which immediately caught the maid’s attention. "Is that for James?" asked Amelia. The woman instantly turned her head, looking at Amelia's face, which was still shiny even though she had wor
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Chapter 7 - Back to Disguise
The next day. The James study door was opened slowly by Amelia. She had come to invite her brother to get breakfast, since he had missed dinner last night. Amelia's first glance noticed that there was nobody in the place, only files still scattered on James' desk. Amelia walked over, looking at each file with the word 'classified' written on it. "I wonder, what exactly is he working on?" Amelia said, wondering. The woman's attention was drawn to one of the folders with the words 'Gargoyles.08/12/2030.Top secret' printed on it. Out of curiosity, she carefully opened the folders. The first thing Amelia saw in the folder were three pictures of the victims of the Gargoyle group's distribution of DD pills. Amelia widened her eyes, screamed reflexively, and stepped away from the file. James, who was still in his room, getting ready in the shabby clothes he wore, was jolted to hear the scream coming from the room next to him. The man
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Chapter 8 - Going Up to Someone
"To get started on that, I need to know which companies have job vacancies," said James. "Prime," James called out. The left lens of his glasses began to display a notification. James' voice was detected and instantly activated his Prime AI system. [Prime activated] [Do you need anything, Mr Lawrence?] "It's about my mission. Can you find any job vacancies at Rosewood's company?" asked James. [I will find it.] [Order Accepted] [Initiate Job Vacancy Search Process] [Target: Eclipse Company, Peachmart, Pixel Mobile] Read more
Chapter 9 - Wine Above the City
"Hmm ... I didn't expect you to dare me," Martin explained. "I've never been afraid of you all," said James. Martin seemed to pull his lip line up. He felt challenged to hear a loser like James say so. However, James chose not to extend the dispute in that place. Lawrence's private jet was already waiting for him at the city airport. Amelia called the Lawrence family's private pilot and told him to go to the airport. She did so after her phone rang and Prime informed her. Amelia didn't really believe him at first since there are many scams with AI. However, Prime explained in detail that it was James' private AI. [Command completed] A notification appeared on the lens of Jam
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Chapter 10 - Carlos and Goosefoot
James got out of the car that Amelia had pre-booked. He didn't go alone but with his two bodyguards. Unlike Zac, who visited the hotel to have fun with one of the escorts there. Carlos must have never expected James' arrival to this place, considering the Red Eye leader always said that James went on an important mission that could not be disturbed. James himself didn't know whether Carlos was on a mission or not at the moment. Since he couldn't contact him, the best he could do was go to him. He sat in the back row of the black sedan. Samuel was in charge of driving while Flynn sat near the driver. Carlos lived in a settlement around Cartuja Baja. He ran a restaurant in the area with his wife and children. As the car slowed down when it reached the residential area, Samuel's head moved right and left, trying to locate the restaurant in the surroundings. "Looks like that one," Samuel said, pointing towards a restaurant with Mexican tri
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