Unbeatable Chef Xenon

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Unbeatable Chef Xenon

By: Midnight Muse OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Xenon had all sort of humiliation working as a cleaner and an apprentice in the Prestigious Royal Volt Restaurant in Venice, he was betrayed by his fiancée by getting married to his boss and bullied by his colleagues and teachers at work just to learn the skills of being a chef. However before his grandmother died, she told him his true identity as the son of the great spice grandmaster and spill his blood on the Sacred ring she had kept for ages. He felt different and really powerful, he was now an Unbeatable Chef and his enemies would bow at him.

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44 chapters
Chapter one
Unbeatable Chef XenonChapter one.It was another day in the famous large kitchen, different aromas circulated the air both the sweet and sour ones so long it's been heated on fire. Everyone were energetic as activities bustled around except for Xenon who was waiting for the next night nightmare to befall him."What the hell are you doing with the Chicken breasts Xenon!!" Madame Rossetti fired at him, making him flinch from her loud voice that the spoon held almost fell off."I'm t.. trying to add the flour and mash potatoes to it." Xenon stuttered, feeling his heartbeat increased his tempo. It was dangerous to annoy Madame Rossetti, the head Chef of the Royal Volt Cuisine in Venice. Her big eyeball was fire, her breathing could send cold chills, her heavy fat hands could cause an earthquake and there was he, a stuttering shaking chicken apprentice who is under her mentorship to sharpen his skills."Trying to add what? Are you crazy huh? Come here with that pan!" She screamed and shri
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Chapter two
Unbeatable Chef XenonChapter 2"..N..n..Natalia??" Xenon gasped, freezing to the spot without moving. He stared in shock, confirming his fears and leaving the cart of food he's supposed to serve on the table for the guests and went to meet them boldly.The steam coming out from his body was so hot, he had used his last savings to get a ring for Natalia who was his everything. His life was not perfect, neither was it luxurious but she was the only one that stood by him since kids."Damn! My childhood friend!" Xenon cried inwardly.She loved him or was it just an imagination? Her parents weren't too wealthy either but she was willing to make life better for the both of them. He loved cooking and hoped to have his own restaurant of his own but he needed to sharpen his skills, thereby saving up and staying hungry to apply as an apprentice to cook in Royal Volt Cuisine which was located in Venice, Italy.He would watch their shows on TV and hoped to be like the CEO who was a master in ter
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Chapter three
Unbeatable Chef XenonChapter 3"Listen to me Xenon, I don't have time." His granny coughed so hard clutching his chest, and his heart fell in dread, shaking his head in disapproval."No granny, you have all the time in the world…please don't say things like that please." Xenon dried feeling her pulse which was getting weaker but she smiled."You're a good child Xenon but it's okay, listen to me please." She was and Xenon nodded, swallowing bitterly as tears pooled at his eyes."You're the Spice Grandmaster from the Land of Viscaria but your mother defiled the rule and fell with a human making your Royal ring to be taken away from you. The only way to have this ring is when the last descendant of Viscaria is dead, which is me. I've stayed too long, and I need to leave. You don't have to suffer anymore.."His granny said and Xenon frowned deeply, staring at her as if she was reciting some myth."It's been a long time Granny told me stories, does she want to tell me a story before she d
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Chapter four
The Unbeatable Chef XenonChapter 4****"Oh my God! Natalia!" Xenon ran towards them as he saw his Fiancée and Enzo being wheeled in a critical situation. They were both on life support and his eyes were filled with tears."You know them?" Felicity asked Xenon who was in tears and he nodded."She's my Fiancée."Felicity was confused, she knew Natalia as the new bride that got married to the famous Chef of Royal Volt Cuisine but she chose to believe him anyway."They got into an accident on the way for their honeymoon and it resulted in this, it's bad. So bad that I doubt they will live.". She said and his heart twisted painfully and he suddenly felt the natural urge to do something.His body became so hot and his fingers itched to touch something like a plate, spoon or pot. Why was he wishing to touch something as stupid as that when the most important people in his life was dying.Her face was covered in blood and Enzo's arm was broken.He wished to help them, for a moment he wished
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Chapter five
Unbeatable Chef XenonChapter 5*****Royal Volt Kitchen was as large as an estate, ranging from different sections and equipment used for cooking.Different stands of gas cooker lined up by the sides of the wall and a large smooth glass storage in the form of a cupboard was neatly constructed upwards.Xenon knew he wasn't in control of himself, he was an apprentice whose favourite meal was Instant noodles and the mouthwatering chicken Madam Rossetti prepared which he had no slightest Idea.He wished to learn but she would never show him, but yell out her frustrations at him.But right now everything seemed magical to him, using the pot, adding the Ingredients to the pot and seeing everything move at his speed.He was busy adding every paste that contained basil, garlic, pine nuts, olive oil and some hard cheese to give the most incredible aroma anyone had ever had.The amusing part was that he felt like a brand new person. His eyes glowed but he couldn't see it.Lucas was dumb struck
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Chapter six
Unbeatable Chef XenonChapter 6Xenon pushed past the securities as if he hypnotised them. Infact before he could even say a word, the aroma of what was emanating from the flask made them halt and he was granted free access.His grandmother was now in a ward but Felicity had told him that she's dead. He shook his head off such thought and believed that the madness he was displaying with his hands, that's she would get well once she taste his meal.He located where Felicity was, and passed through the sliding doors and walking down the white glassy terrace, reaching the last door before pushing it open.Felicity gasped at his presence and rushed to him at once!"This is strictly out of bounds Xenon!" "I'm sorry, but I need to give her this." He replied pushing a yellow and silver designer's flask he had take from the kitchen."Are you crazy?" Felicity cried out. "You're bringing a meal to a patient that's barely conscious.""I know it's crazy but believe me that a drop must make them
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Chapter seven
Unbeatable Chef XenonChapter 7Mr Vlad slowly dropped the flask on the table and as soon as she heard a funny sound from his bone, he tried to sit up and get a soothing relief instead of the usual pain that shoots a maddening pain up to his spinal cord.As the Chief Medical Officer of Last Choice Hospital, he had a ghastly accident on his way to conduct an emergency surgery for a VIP patient, causing his legs and muscles, the ligaments and tendons in his legs was almost ruptured, affecting his spinal cord which was incredibly painful and brought out a cold nature in him.Despite all his money, no one could treat him and restore his legs. He had traveled far and near in most countries but he was being told the same news over and over again!But right now that crack in his bone sent a signal that something miraculous had happened.His hands trembled as he held the handle of the steel wheelchair and applied pressure to get up which he shakily did and a tear slipped down his eyes in shoc
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Chapter eight
Unbeatable Chef XenonChapter 8****Xenon was thrown in the cold and smelly cell and he wondered if there was a building specially meant for prisoners, It was a large building and all the rooms were so tiny with iron bars but what freaked him out was that he was the only one to be locked up there and he dreaded the thought so bad!He didn't want to be locked up and abandoned here when he had done nothing wrong!!He was so mad at the crippled man that he regretted crossing paths with him when he should be on his path. He wishes the harsh men get locked up instead while he goes to the hospital to check up on Natalia!His life was already a mess and he wondered what went wrong. The stupid ring his grandmother had given to him seemed so useless to him and he felt he should throw it away instead of clinging to a myth that never existedHe slowly took off the ring to check on it again when he felt the padlock break instantly before his eyes and fell. The two men standing outside the fell w
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Chapter Nine
Unbeatable Chef XenonChapter 9****[Two months later]Xenon was discharged from the hospital since he fell into a coma after donating his kidney to save Natalia.The first person he saw was Felicity who was checking his vital signs, pulse, and any other thing to be sure he was in a good state.Her father had specifically warned her to take extra care of the man who gave him a chance to work.He was placed in the most expensive VIP ward and given extreme care for the past 60 days."Hey…" He greeted Felicity casually who returned a smile to him.She still felt guilty about what she had said to him and she hoped he would forget about it."How long have I been here, where's Natalia?" He asked and tried to stand up but felt dizzy."Calm down Xenon, You still can't walk freely yet since you just got discharged. Natalia is fine all thanks to you and fell into a coma immediately after you were brought out from the theatre. We shouldn't have conducted that surgery because you were malnourish
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Chapter Ten
Unbeatable Chef XenonChapter 10****Andrea and Alec bowed before Drako who was seated in his living room with two ladies, almost unclad, and giving him a massage on his shoulders.He had a stick of cigarettes on his lips as he puffed out the tobacco smoke and clicked his fingers for the ladies to excuse him."So you're saying that the last grandson of Michelle is alive?" He asked them, smirking and biting his lips uncomfortably.His silver hair was packed tightly with a band and his face gave a cold dangerous vibe and they nodded."And you let him go scot free huh? How dare you!!" He yelled loudly."I'm the only Spice Grand King to exist, I should be the only one to rule, and not some cursed peasant!!" He stated arrogantly and averted his gaze back to the two men who now cowered under him in fear."Where the fuck is he?""In Venice?" Andrea, shakily replied."And where the Fuck is Venice!!" He yelled again and they swallowed."In the city, a state in Italy where the humans dwell" Al
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