Chapter 1881 Double Marriage

The double wedding between the Motta brothers arrived.

The entire Lagoon City was curious about how something like this would occur. Would one pair of bride and groom get married first and then the other, or would both couples be at the altar together?

Those who weren't invited, it was left to resort to LCN by Vernon and Maggiezine by Maggie.

But Maggie herself wouldn't be busy with her magazine staff, as she was also selected to be maid of honor.

Ronaldo was at the entrance of the famous Church of Green Park receiving the guests. But his gaze hardened to something in the distance.

Daryl and Diane were approaching and walking up the steps. Daryl was confident in her navy blue tuxedo while Diane was smiling and exuberant in her long, draped gown of the same color.

“Mr. Mountain, welcome.” The greeting from the groom's father was not sincere.

Daryl shook the old man's hand ironically, “Mr. Motta, let's forget about that incident and have fun. We know that an order from Josias Rocha shou
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