Chapter 1880 Josias Commands, Commoners Obey

At Crystal Blue, Daryl is still in disbelief at the information that he has been turned down for the upcoming wedding.

Diane, however, wastes no time in scolding him, “I told you so, I told you so! Stop behaving like my mother-in-law, but you insisted on meddling where you didn't belong! Now you have displeased Josias Rocha!”

Daryl has red eyes, “Don't say that, wife! It was the Motta family who was disgusted with me. Josias Rocha still respects me, and I hope it stays that way. But our cousin Veronica is going to marry one of the Mottas, we can’t stay out!”

Kelvin came from the office, scowling, “Can't we stay out of what?”

Daryl responds with some embarrassment, “Little brother, they want to leave us out of Veronica's wedding. Jack Motta's father came here almost having a heart attack and gave me the news.”

“How?” Kelvin widens his eyes, “We can't stay out! And Melissa?”

Francisco enters and finds his nephews already discussing the matter, “Hello, everyone. We need to talk about thi
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