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Michael was humiliated by his wife's family. He always received mistreatment and was considered as a useless son-in-law. Until finally, his true identity was revealed and made all of his wife's family shocked. "I am the grandson of Gracia and the sole heir of the Zyailendra family."

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“Look now, all of my in-laws have gathered here. One wealthy son-in-law and one poor son-in-law.”Aldebaran said the sentence straightforwardly, while looking at two men standing in front of him now. The wealthy son-in-law is referring to Alexander, while the poor sin-in-law is referring to Michael. Currently, a party is taking place at Aldebaran’s residence. And the party is held to celebrate Aldebaran and Kania’s wedding anniversary. “Happy wedding anniversary, Dad. As your second son-in-law, I give you a car as a gift.”Alexander, the husband of Aldebaran’s secod daughter, was the first to give a gift to Aldebaran. “Thank you, Alexander. Last year you gave me and Mam a gift of travel tickets abroad and this year you gave a car. You are truly a wealthy and kind son-in-law.”Aldebaran praised his second son-in-law, Alexander, who gave him a car as a gift. “Of course, for my mother and father-in-law, I will try to give the best gift. Here is the key, Dad. The car will be arriving
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"What's wrong with your face? Did my father hit you again?"Adelle immediately asked the question when she saw her husband's face covered in bruises and blood.After the turmoil that occurred at his in-laws' house, Michael decided to immediately return home."No. On my way back, some criminals tried to rob me, but since they knew I had no money, they just beat me up."Michael lied in response to Adelle's question. He didn't want to make Adelle sad if she knew he was being mistreated by Alexander and Aldebaran.However, Adelle couldn't be fooled. She immediately understood that her husband had been hurt by her family."I'm sorry I couldn't go with you to my parents' house earlier. They must have treated you very badly, didn't they?"Hearing that, Michael smiled and shook his head."It's not a big deal. Besides, I'm used to receiving all the bad treatment, so you don't have to worry, Adelle."Adelle felt sorry for Michael. Their relationship was not approved by her parents, and they alw
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"Mr. Rafael, Mrs. Gracia is asking you to come back home."Michael let out a slow sigh, then shook his head."I've told her, I won't go back and I'll stay here with my wife."The stranger standing in front of Michael seemed to kneel before him. And it seemed that Michael knew the stranger well."Mr. Rafael, please come back. Mrs. Gracia suddenly fell ill and she just came back from the hospital yesterday. Now, Mrs. Gracia wants to meet you.""Grandma is sick?""Yes, Sir."Michael was quite surprised by the news he just heard."Okay, take me to see Grandma now."Michael got into the luxury car, feeling quite panicked and worried.Shortly after, Michael arrived at a luxurious white painted house, with a classic style. He got out of the car and immediately entered the luxurious house."Grandma! Grandma Gracia!"Michael entered the house while calling out a name.Once inside the house, Michael saw an old woman sitting on the sofa. And the old woman looked so healthy, drinking a cup of cof
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"How's it going, Michael? Did you get money from my mother? The landlord came back earlier and asked for the rent," Adelle asked as Michael just entered the house."No, I didn't go to your family's house, Adelle. Someone offered me a job earlier and gave me money. I think it's enough to pay for this rented house," Michael handed Adelle a considerable amount of money.But when Adelle received the money from her husband, she was quite surprised because the amount exceeded what she needed."What kind of job did you do? Why did you get so much money?""I just helped someone load their things into their car. The owner happened to be a tourist, so I got a lot of money. Just keep the money for food, after paying for the rent, Adelle."Actually, Michael got the money from Gracia, but he didn't want to tell Adelle and still wanted to keep everything secret from his wife."Okay, I'll buy some delicious food with this money."Adelle looked very happy, thinking about the food she could buy with t
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"Where did your husband go, Adelle?"Kania suddenly asked her eldest daughter when she didn't see Michael around."It seems like he has to work, Mom."The atmosphere in the Aldebaran house turned quiet now. Everyone was thinking about Alexander and his company's situation.Alexa was seen crying in Alexander's arms, thinking about her husband's wealth that would be seized by the police. Meanwhile, Kania and Aldebaran looked panicked and worried about their second son-in-law's situation.Kania sat next to Adelle and looked at her daughter gently."Adelle, I still love you, just as I love Alexa. Now, listen to me, divorce Michael as soon as possible and marry Kevin who is wealthy, Adelle."It turned out she was talking about her desire for Adelle to divorce Michael again. It seems she has hope if her eldest daughter is willing to follow her words.However, Adelle immediately shook her head and firmly rejected her mother's words."This is not the time to talk about that, Mom. We have to f
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"Michael, is it really you that I saw on TV?"Adelle had been waiting for Michael's return for hours. She really wanted to confirm the news she saw on TV, which was about the appointment of an heir named Rafael Zyailendra."Yes, it's me, Adelle."And the sentence spoken by Michael had answered all of Adelle's questions.Yes, Michael was Rafael Zyailendra. The sole heir of the Zyailendra family, whose wealth was known to many people."What is this, Michael? Have you been lying to me all this time?"However, on the other hand, Adelle felt very disappointed with Michael. Because her husband had kept his identity a secret all this time."I'm sorry, Adelle. I did all this because I have a purpose. But one thing you need to know, I love you very much."Michael tried to convince Adelle that what he did all this time was not to deceive her."But you have disappointed me, Michael. I didn't expect you to keep all the secrets about your wealth and let yourself be insulted by my family. I'm disap
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"What? What kind of requirement is this, Michael?"Alexander was very surprised by the requirement that Michael proposed to him.Yes, Michael requested a condition to help Alexander, by asking for half of the shares in his company."Nothing is free in this world, Alexander. If you want me to help you, then agree to my request. I propose this condition because I can ensure that I can save your company quickly."Alexander looked at Aldebaran, as if seeking advice from his father-in-law. Because, to be honest, he objected to having to give half of his company's shares to Michael.Aldebaran walked towards Alexander and whispered something in his ear."Just give Michael what he wants now, because you have no other choice but to agree, Alex. Later, we can make a secret plan so that your shares are not far from his hands."Upon hearing advice from his father-in-law, Alexander nodded his head in response. Yeah, he was really unwilling to give his shares to Michael, but he had to follow Michae
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"What do you mean, Alexa? You asked me to divorce Michael and marry Kevin?"Adelle was completely shocked when Alexa suddenly came to her house and asked her to marry Kevin."Because if you get a divorce and marry Kevin, Alexander can be free without having to pay compensation, Adelle."However, Alexa tried her best to persuade Adelle to follow her request."You're crazy, Alexa! Michael is helping you now, and you're asking me to divorce him."Clearly, Adelle refused Alexa's crazy request. After all, she never thought of divorcing Michael and marrying another man."Adelle, Kevin is more sincere than Michael. Michael wants to help Alexander, but he asks for company shares as compensation. Whereas Kevin doesn't. He sincerely wants to help Alexander."Alexa did not consider Adelle's situation and still insisted on her desire."But he asked me to marry him and divorce Michael. Don't you think that if Kevin asks for a bigger compensation than Michael's request, Alexa? Michael asks for shar
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"Michael, is this really your house?"Adelle was surprised when she saw the presence of a very large house in front of her.Michael smiled and nodded his head."Yes, this is my house. We will live here, Adelle.""This house is very big, Michael."Adelle didn't expect that the house she would live in would be many times larger than her father's big house.Michael looked at Adelle and held her hand, bringing her back from her reverie."Let's go inside now. Someone has been waiting for us since earlier, Adelle."After that, Michael led Adelle into the house because he knew that Gracia was waiting for them inside."Welcome, my dear granddaughter Adelle."Gracia hugged Adelle warmly. She looked very happy with the arrival of her grandson's wife."Nice to meet you, Mrs. Gracia. Thank you for welcoming me."Adelle responded to Gracia's greeting politely, with a smile on her face."Hey, call me grandma. I am Rafael's grandmother, so you should call me that too."However, Gracia felt annoyed b
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"Sir, I have done everything as you requested," Aden said to Michael, after he contacted someone on his phone and gave an order.Michael sighed softly, then nodded in understanding."Have you also contacted the media to cover it immediately?""Yes, everything is going well, Sir. I can guarantee that news of the fire at Kevin's property building will be the main trend in the news today and for the next week."Michael kept his promise. He came to meet Kevin to negotiate, but Kevin refused him. So, Michael immediately asked Aden to carry out the second plan, which was to make Kevin regret it by destroying his property building."Now, where do we go, Sir?"Michael checked his phone, then saw something there."I got news that Aldebaran is meeting with Alexander in jail now. So, now take me to the police station and meet them, Aden."It seems that Michael will give another surprise to Alexander and Aldebaran now."Okay, Sir."What Michael said is true. Now, Aldebaran is at the police statio
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