Chapter 1920 LCN and Maggiezine in Partnership

Bernardo calls Vernon's office.

Vernon is in his office writing a hot piece about a Vila Velha businessman accused of corruption, “Hello?”

Bernardo chuckles, “Hey, shouldn’t it be ‘Journal LCN, Vernon Queiroz, good afternoon’?”

Vernon laughs too, “I'm not used to such nonsense. That I leave to the secretaries. How can I help you, Bernie?”

Bernardo doesn't remember permitting Vernon to call him that, but... “Have you been informed by your wife about the conversation she had with Diane today at the Crystal Blue bar?”

Vernon's eyes are shining and the hairs on his arms are standing on end, “No, but I'm sure she'll tell me while we're in bed... to sleep, of course!” Vernon immediately corrects it, fearing it will sound pornographic to Bernardo.

Too late, Bernardo turned up his nose, “Spare me your marital intimacy. Anyway, let me tell you, my wife is dying to publish a hot piece against Katherine, but she needs more research and reliable sources.”

Vernon bounces in the swivel chair, “Are
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