The Midnight Heir

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The Midnight Heir

By: South Ashan OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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🏆[No.2 "Hard to Put Down" of "The Legendary Urban Man" Contest]🏆 Anthony Star has a dark secret that no one should ever find out, especially his in-laws.Everyday he’s treated worse than an infection by those around him but thanks to his wife he manages. She is his light in this cruel world but in a single day he’s shot, beaten, arrested, almost dies then finds out that his wife is missing!To save her, he returns to his past as a big-shot in the underground crime world and takes his revenge on anyone who has ever wronged him before. Welcome back Mr. Star Dust and if that wasn’t enough, he finds out the truth of who he really is. He is….


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Under the Polaris night's sky, everywhere was covered with golden lights from the chandelier up top, music from an expensive live band, champagne, and juicy gossip. What's happening is the Maple household was celebrating the birthday of their most important member and this person was none other than Grey Maple, the family head and also Grandfather-in-law to Anthony Star. This was a party for the wealthy and as such, all the guests had nothing less than $30,000 worth of clothing and jewelry on them. However, looking out of place in this extravagant scene was Anthony Star, standing by the corner all by himself, having no one, no friends or family to even talk to. Being an orphan from a tender age, his only family was his wife but she too wasn't here with him. A lot of negative eyes were on Anthony and that's because of his Silver colored hair and extremely cheap clothes. His entire outfit costs $250, less than what even the servers had on. In front of him, one of the maids operating
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Both Anthony and Grey paused to look up 'cause coming from a floor above them was male and female laughter, both sounding like they were around Anthony's age. There were also some crashing sounds like they were bumping into things. They must be drunk. "What was that?!" Anthony pondered, but seconds later looked like he recognized the voices which he rolled his eyes at. "Anyway, what were you saying Grandfather?" Anthony lowered his head to face Grey, but was met by a shocked expression on the man's face. "Grandfather, you okay?" he placed one hand on Grey's shoulder who looks like a robot. "Yes, I'm okay. I don't know what came over me there" Grey went back to acting normal but still smiling anxiously as he pulled away from Anthony. He recovered the distance that used to exist between them. "Alright? So what was it you wanted to tell me before the interruption?" Anthony inquired, now intrigued with what Grey was saying earlier, however… "Oh, don't worry about it, my boy, I was j
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"So you're the man Grandmother was just telling me about. You really are a pig!" Benjamin stared coldly at Anthony. "I can't believe Grandmother cares enough to talk about me with someone else." Anthony said then gave Patience a smile, honestly trying to charm her but was only annoying her more. It's clear that none of them liked him and are only being cordial because other people were around, however, behind closed doors the story is completely different. There's no form of bad treatment he hasn't received from them but because he's thick skinned, he always shakes it off. One of the things Annabelle likes about him.Not saying anything back, Benjamin started trying to crush Anthony's hand in his while he smirked. However, doing that Benjamin noticed two things very unsettling. "My eyes are down here Pig! Is there something you find interesting floating above my head or are you just admiring my haircut? I assure you, sell your organs or not but you can't afford it!" Benjamin addres
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"WHAT!?" Patience exclaimed. It was now she realized, looking past Julius to see Grey's unconscious body, dead? She ran to her husband straight away, dropped to her knees, and held on to his unconscious body, screaming in tears. The others followed behind her. Anthony and Annabelle were the last two to join them."What's going on here?" With his heart pumping fast and eyes skating all over the place, Anthony asked himself, confused by what he was looking at. He never knew he could see such faces on the Maples. Suddenly, three out of the remaining members of the family walked in. There was Paul Penn, Candice, Julius and the twin's father, their mother Elizabeth Penn, and finally Genevieve Maple, Annabelle's mother. They were given the gist of what was happening and while Genevieve and Elizabeth both became very emotional and fell to their knees around their parents, Paul remained stoic, quietly observing what was going down while tightening the grip of his suitcase, suspiciously. O
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"Watch where you're walking!" The Officer said while grinning maliciously, holding on to Anthony as they stood at the cell's entrance. Even though he had been the one who pushed his leg in front of Anthony's path so that he would trip over it, the officer still acted like he was trying to save Anthony from falling, to get close to him. "What are you doi—?!" Anthony aggressively asked the officer because he noticed that he wasn't trying to help him but was using his body's weight to prevent him from standing up, instead. "Listen here you piece of shit, do yourself a favor and LEAVE ANNABELLE ALONE! She deserves better than rubbish like you and I won't warn you again!" the officer whispered into Anthony's ear. Anthony scoffed at the Officer. He found this completely ridiculous and as a result all the anger he was trying to suppress earlier just up and vanish. He started laughing. "Why are you laughing you twat?! You think I'm joking?!" The Officer got angry and stepped back which al
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"We're almost there sir," said the taxi driver, looking at Anthony in the back seat through the rearview mirror with curious eyes. "I couldn't believe it when you told me that the Maple mansion was your destination but I'm glad I didn't clock off early today" The driver had a huge grin on his face "So what job do you work here? Are you like one of the helpers or something? Maybe a bodyguard? So cool!" the driver smirked while Anthony remained silent. Just the assumptions being made by the driver were already insulting enough, but, Anthony didn't take it too much to heart. He accepted the fact that from how he looked, nobody in their right minds would straight up assumes he was a family member of the Maple's "My wife and I are in serious need of a job and extra cash so if it's possible, can you try putting a word for her when I drop you off? I'll like to get your number so that we can keep talking—" "You're mistaken, I don't work here. Never have and never will!" Anthony finally
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Aside from Annabelle, Anthony could sense the hostility oozing from everyone else and all the alarms in his head were going off. What could they want? "Look at that, the dog has returned! Sadly, Officer Wilson and his partner will be taking you back to jail, a cage where animals like you truly belong!" Patience standing in front of the other family members spoke. "What are you talking about? You know what, I don't have time for thi—" Anthony was extremely tired so he waved Patience and the rest of the family goodbye, wanting to walk away when… "You're not going anywhere you scumbag! You remember this?" Officer Wilson stepped forward, blocking Anthony's path to his room and then he pushed something small and shiny towards him. "A woman's necklace? Of course I don't remember that, why should ?!" Looking annoyed Anthony answered. "This was found in your room and we all know you can't afford something this luxurious. The real owner is right here, Carla Maple!" Officer Wilson said, pro
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Without needing to be asked, Anthony extended his hands with his wrists pressed together, expecting them to be cuffed. However, Officer Wilson who was walking over to him didn't even try to take out his handcuffs from around his belt buckle. "There won't be any arrests happening here today," Officer Wilson said, standing behind Anthony and helping him drop his hands. "Then what are you going to do Officer Wilson?" Julius asked "Well, I've come to understand that my Captain cares about this trash a lot, so if I was to make the arrest I'm certain that the Captain would find a way to get him released by tomorrow. I know none of you wants that, right?" "That sounds like a logical concern, so what's your idea, Officer Wilson?" Patience inquired. "This is up to you guys to agree with or not but I suggest that you all KICK him out of the mansion and force him to pay the amount the necklace is worth. That would also mean that I and my partner will be responsible for holding on to the ne
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Disgraced and kicked out from the only home he's known since the day he married Annabelle, right now Anthony needed a place to spend the night but he didn't have any cash. His wallet was still in his room but he swore he wasn't going to step his foot back into the Maple mansion. The faces of his in-laws were the last thing he wanted to see right now. After a little thinking, there was only one place he could go, a men's homeless shelter and so he got on his motorcycle and drove there at full speed. The place was crowded and he could barely sleep because of the noise but he managed and in the morning, he went straight to THE BANK He needed money if he was to survive his exile and because he didn't have his debit card on him, he had to get a counter check and withdraw all the money he had saved. "Here are your five thousand dollars" the accountant passed him his money in a tidy envelope and he kept in his suit pocket, right beside his phone which had been blown up with messages from
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Before coming to the casino, Anthony had first spent some time in a movie cinema, and towards the evening was when he arrived at the Jade Casino, walking over to one of the busy roulette tables. He had a sack in his hand that contained all of his betting chips. He had bought $5000 worth of chips which he’s used and lost and now he only had $500 left. There were already two very wealthy men, brothers, playing a game of roulette when he arrived at the table. They had a stick of the most expensive cigar sold within the casino in their mouths, and even the lighter they use was more expensive than everything he had on him. "Where do you think you're going, pig?!" One of the bodyguards of those two men blocked Anthony's path, stopping him from getting closer to the roulette table. "I'm just trying to place my bet after this round" Anthony said, trying to act cool so that this mountain of a bodyguard doesn't hurt him for no reason. The bodyguard took a good look at Anthony, from head to
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