Rise Of The Sole Heir

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Rise Of The Sole Heir

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🏆[No.3 "Best Face-slapping" of "Leap To The Top" Contest]🏆 Derek Brook, married to the daughter of the Reid's but lives majority of his life as a slave. Life becomes tiring the day he got so frustrated and decided to seek for a job from his hostile mother in law. However, things take a new turn when he got more than hostility in that same day. Read rise of the sole heir to learn about the new turn.


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"Hey, lazy asshole, get out of bed right now!" Brenda squealed and hit Derek with a piece of cloth slung across her neck.Derek struggled to lift his face, his eyes were still dreamy and his vision blurry but he could tell how enraged his wife was.In a short while, a second dagger was shot at him. "Your mates are out there working hard to fend for their family, while you lay aimlessly, drooling.""Drool!" Unfortunately, for him, he had some drool reflecting from the corner of his mouth.Derek had spent the whole of the previous day job hunting, stuck to his side was his CV and his dusty, untidied, and worn-out shoe, with a shabby set of clothes, to which he had trekked the whole of Dominican.Going from company to company, from the big giants to the SMEs yet all his searches were futile.Everything seemed as though it was a planned rejection.Having faced several rejections from relatable companies, he switched to little restaurants, small stores, and delivery work, yet he never got
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Derek's hands trembled greatly, it was Morphie, Brenda's elder brother calling.Just a feet away from his mother in law on to fall in the hands of the son.All along, Derek was sure Morphie's call would only add more salt to his injury, but which seemed better, to pick and get insulted or avoid and receive a bigger bundle of visitation?To avoid the second option from happening, which only God knew what dimension it could take, Derek picked the call.Immediately, he was greeted by hot venomous words. "Bloody asshole! What took you so long in picking up my calls? Scared that I might chop that annoying face of yours off huh?" Derek left with no choice, leaned on his chin and allowed the ocean of words to fall directly on his laps. "You've got no shame I must say," Morphie chuckled loudly mockingly and continued. "Even a lazy asshole like you is prepared to be a father huh! You've got no job yet you've got some shameless thing between that thigh of yours to put my sister in the family
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Being poor was never a deterrent to recognising expensive things for Derek, the old man was dressed very luxuriously with a three piece suite that had layers of expensive jewellery glittering around It, and each one sparkled under the illuminated room.His hair was black but overshadowed by traces of white intertwined between. However, it was neatly styled.Derek looked at the man in confusion, he wondered what a big shot like him was doing with such burly assaultive men.Every single step he took screamed nothing but opulence, Derek found himself sweating profusely still on his seat.Since the whole day had revolved around Reid's being merciless with him, he thought the old man was also an avenger.When the old man kept moving forward, Derek fell to his knees immediately and begged for mercy. "Mr. I know I'm an offender, please don't kill me for the sake of my wife and unborn child. I could leave far away and never return, just tell Mrs. Reid I'm sorry, and tell my wife I love her."
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"I'll answer all your questions, do not worry.""You were so little when it all happened, one more reason you can't remember anything in your past." Gage said."Your father and mother were wealthy people, in fact, they weren't just wealthy but also famous, they were known all over the world.""Everything was going well until one unfortunate day, your family was betrayed by one of your father's followers." Gage implied with a frown.His eyes held so much pain and sadness in them, the memories of the past were so vivid it felt like yesterday when it all happened."Betrayed! By who?" Derek asked.Gage stared deeply into Derek's eyes, he knew his next words would come as a shock to him. Nevertheless, it was a truth he deserved to know."By your wife's parents, Mr and Mrs Reid.""What!" Derek yelled in shock. "Y… you've got to be mistaken, these people raised me like their own child.""No Derek, your father and mother got involved in an accident which claimed their lives and the Reid's sa
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"Mum, leave Derek alone, i am sticking to him and never will get married to Wendell." His doubts about Brenda were suddenly erased, but he wondered why she put up the acts when she was still in love with him.The arguments continued, and out of frustration, she mentioned her last word. "Mum, whether or not I'm not removing my baby, Derek is the father and he's obliged to know about it."That was the last she said, Derek assumed she cut the call, he opened up and walked in. "Hey Brenda," he said softly, but she merely shot him a dead stare and walked past him.Nevertheless, he followed tailing behind. "Brenda, I've got us good news."She increased her pace towards the bedroom. "Darling, can you hold In a while, and we talk?""Derek, go get a job! Go get one!" She yelled out continuously till she reached the bedroom. She laid on the bed in annoyance and turned her face towards the wall. "Perhaps this isn't perfect timing," he said to himself. Derek went for a shower and laid on the sa
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It was a thing of amazement to realize who the stand-in chairman was. Instead of that great exuding aura of meeting a man as he thought, he met a young, beautiful and elegant looking lady.Sonia Stark was a young woman of great splendor, she was known throughout the whole Dominican as a renowned business lady, principled and capable in all she did.No one ever crosses her path without an invitation, she earned all of that respect for herself at a very young age, coupled with all these attributes, she earned herself a promotion as the stand in chairman, second in command that is the vice chairman.Being a pauper was never an attribute to make your sight fade off, as such Derek could tell when he saw a beauty. Sonia was charming, one of those you could call a little goddess.She's one of the great factors that has brought about the stability of the Emerald group till date.On her part, she was equally shocked to see a decent young man come in, all along she had expected to meet at least
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The recent announcement didn't take much of a time to spread like wildfire throughout the whole of Dominican. Not only that did spread, but the news as regards the nomination of a new chairman.As such all companies, corporations, groups, were willing to take part in the project. Three billion dollars! That was really no child's play for anyone.Another factor of surprise was the nomination of the chairman, with just the name Mr. B. What chairman bears such name, many had asked themselves.Thinking of it, the man is so generous to have bought the whole of the Emerald group. Every single person knew that the Emerald was not like and cost billions of billions.The new chairman must really be a god to have bought such a huge company.Nevertheless, some were willing to marry their daughter over to him just to get a collaboration.Mrs Reid suddenly gave herself a reason why the Walker's project was terminated. Perhaps the new chairman was reshuffling things and since he had no earlier acq
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Brenda's announcement sent a shock throughout the meeting room. While Mrs Reid didn't give a damn about who went, all she wanted was someone going.Mr Reid, who has been quiet, found a frown plastered on his face, and to Morphie he couldn't help but mock sarcastically. "Brenda do you think you worth going to the Emerald group and bagging that contract?" Mr Reid did say. "Common girl, you only will humiliate us and nothing more, this will only add to the Reid's problem if we fail." He tried to discourage her.Brenda felt her legs losing the strength in them, she felt blood rush to her whole body in embarrassment.Everyone had practically taken her to be such an outsider the moment she decided to marry Derek. She felt if she could sign the deal, then perhaps she could have a new definition in the presence of her mum, dad and Morphie.Just as she thought about how much that could work, she found herself withdrawing from the idea, as a result of the sarcastic comments and condemnation.S
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He watched her walk In, after which he took his phone and dialed Sonia's number.Twice he dialled but none went, the phone operators kept repeating the usual words to inform him.He kept trying his luck but none did go through. He knew surely that by now his wife would probably have reached the top lobby in wait for Sonia or perhaps almost reached.Refusing to create suspicion, with his wife around there was little he could do.The best was to reach out to a secretary just to make information reach Sonia.He dashed towards the receptionist. The receptionist in waiting shot him a wide grin to see such a young man, with his blonde short curls brushed to the back, thick eye lashes, little beard showing forth around his oval facial structure. Derek's status was never enough to conceal his elegant and gorgeous looks.None of them knew his status, but if they knew, his identity of course would no longer be concealed.After a mild grin of admiration he zoomed her out of her thoughts with his
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Sonia had been more of having the worst morning to having a whole day messed up. Never has she intended to skip duties that morning until little things that shouldn't have happened began to.At first, she left her home as usual, but she hadn't gone far in her car when there was a lot of arising confusion battling within her stomach.She needed to order the driver for a u-turn. Hurriedly, she made use of the restroom, as if the first wasn't enough, she visited the restroom over and over again as one who used a laxative.Finally, she had landed in the hospital, helplessly, her day was just so messed up that she was unable to send a call across to the office informing the secretary of her absence.The hospital had added to her issues, they made sure her phone was switched off to prevent disturbances.Unknown to her, a lot and more had happened in her absence.***"Get away from me Derek, I don't want to see you come closer!" Brenda yelled out in disgust."If only you never raised the ide
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