Chapter 1923 Alan Is Sharp

In the Teodoro building, Tiago, Carmen, Vera, and Teresa are waiting for Pedro and Rosemary to return.

Beto walks into the lobby with his chest up, proud to have his puppies back.

“Hello! We come back!”


Hugs and kisses everywhere. Teresa starts crying as if they were her children.

Vera also wipes away tears, “Guys, how old I am! Rosemary was a little girl when I left Lagoon City... and I didn't even get to witness Pedro's birth! How old are you?”

“I am ten and Rosemary is fourteen, the same age as Alan,” Pedro answers.

“Actually I am a few months older than him,” Rosemary answers.

Pedro turns to his father, “Where are we going to sleep, father?”

“In our apartment! There's room for everyone.” Beto responds emotionally.

Teresa nods, “Exactly. Let's settle down. We need to share the good news with others.”

Tiago goes to the office, “I'll send everyone an email, it'll be faster!”

Carmen points to the canteen, “We prepared some delicacies for you, let's go!”

Rosemary and Pedro don'
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