Chapter 1922 The President Is Unable to Work

Josias appears in Alan's room with a furious and dissatisfied expression on his face, “ALAN! What's this about you leaving? Who authorized you? Did your mother call you?”

Katherine is thrilled, “Honey, Alan knows what he's doing. Let him go.”

“He won't while the pervert instructor works there!”

Alan questions, “But dad, am I supposed to stay here while my little sister is alone up there in the penthouse with him?"

Josias approaches him, “Caroline is with your mother and Kelvin. Alan, I'm afraid you want to face Mr. Guzman and he throws you off the balcony or drowns you in the pool and then claims it was an accident.”

Alan smiles, “What is it, Dad? I stand up to Uncle Will because I know he's a wuss who won't fight back. But Mr. Guzman is different. I’ll be cautious.”

Josias quells his anger and scratches the back of his head, “But why exactly do you want to leave, son?”

Alan glares at Katherine, but it lasts for a few seconds. He looks back at his father, “I miss home and I don't inte
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