The Rise of the Jackson's Heir

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The Rise of the Jackson's Heir

By: kerryn OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Milton's identity was destroyed when a video of him circulated and everyone started calling him names and bullying him. The same day, he walked on his long-time girlfriend cheating. A twist happened when a beautiful lady approached him and told him he has a lot of money and he was the heir of the Jacksons. Now he is no longer a petty thief but a billionaire with powerful influence. And this mark the rise of the Jackson's heir.

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140 chapters
Chapter One
It has been thirty minutes since Milton arrived. He pressed the doorbell again and still no one answered. Milton was a part-timer cleaner. A few days back, he got a booking to come here. “Ding!” Milton pushed the bell again.Frustrated, Milton gave up. Just when he was about to leave, someone asked harshly from inside, “who is the imbecile who has disturbed me for more than an hour.”Before Milton could tell the person it hadn’t been an hour, a fat middle-aged woman opened the gate. She snarled at Milton angrily, “what do you want?”Afraid, Milton took one step back, “ma’am, I apologize for the disturbance. I am here for cleaning service.”“Don’t call me ma’am.” The fat woman snarled. She eyed him from up to down, “call me, Sadie. Who are you?” Milton replied. “I am Milton. Milton Jackson, ma’am.”The old woman narrowed her eyes at him, “what are you waiting for? You lazy thwart? Come in.”Milton thanked her. In the house, everything was scattered everywhere, it looked like a junkyar
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Chapter Two
Milton woke up with a piercing headache. Throughout the night, he kept tossing and turning. He couldn’t sleep even a wink, how could he when all he kept hearing over and over was Sadie screaming at him?When he arrived in college, something was amiss, the students were pointing at him while speaking.“The audacity he has. How dare he pretend to be humble when he is a conniving thief?” One student said, anger dripping in his tone.Another student supported, “he should be rotting in jail right now.”Milton pushed it off, telling himself they were talking about someone else entirely after all, why would they call him a thief? Down the hallway, the students continued talking. They were not hiding how disgusted they were by his behavior. Milton was sure the names he was hearing would keep him up at night. Nevertheless, he didn’t stop, took it all in, and finally arrived at the end hall.Milton assured himself Natalie wouldn’t be mad because he was empty-handed. He entered the hall and ask
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Chapter Three
“Honey, the video is gone.” Natalie purred into Dickson’s ear.Dickson wrapped his hand around her, not paying attention. Infuriated, Natalie pulled away, “Dickson, I wanted Milton to suffer longer.”The mentioning of Milton’s name brought him back, he asked Natalie what she was talking about and she explained the video of Milton handing money to the fat old woman had disappeared from the internet.Unbeknownst to Milton, the moment he stepped his feet outside the college compound the video was deleted. “Where did it go?” Dickson screamed in fury, throwing his phone to the corner.Natalie moved to console him, “my love, it will be okay.”Dickson started laughing maniacally, when he calmed down, he said through gritted teeth, “I paid that old meanie to accuse him of stealing, to catch Milton red-handed as he handed her the money. I paid someone else to put the video on the internet.”Natalie was taken aback, she took a step back while shaking her head.Dickson started yelling loudly, “I
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Chapter Four
It hadn’t been that long since his turmoil began but he felt it was an eternity. He wanted to believe the words coming from the stranger so badly. But how could he when everyone has been mean to him severally? Brianna noticed the changes in his emotions and repeated her sentence. Milton shook his head, how could someone as gorgeous as her be there for him, a poor man, alleged for stealing?Her plump lips lifted in a comforting smile, showing off her perfect dentistry. Milton narrowed his eyes and said, “now, leave me alone. I am serious.”Brianna grabbed his hand. It was expected of Milton not to believe immediately what she was saying. “Milton Jackson, my name truly is Brianna. I work for Jack. I have handled the situation with Dickson and his ill behavior.“I hope he heard he shouldn’t harm in any way.” She paused and removed her hands from Milton’s. As she inserted her hands into her pocket, she mumbled, “please, don’t run.”Milton found himself chuckling.She glanced at him wear
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Chapter Five
If Milton had met the doorman in the morning, he would have curled away with fear. But he was fed up with everyone treating him like a scumbag. He asked him again why someone ‘poor’ like him wasn’t supposed to enter.“Because you don’t have money.” The doorman replied arrogantly.“And what shows that?” Milton wanted to ask that but instead said, “sir, respectfully. You shouldn’t judge me just because of…”The doorman interjected, “do you have a reservation table?”Milton raised his eyebrows, wondering what he meant by reservation. Nobody told him about reservations. Moreso, he has never made one in his entire life.The doorman mocked, “see. Stop pretending you are a rich young man. You didn’t know about the reservations. I bet on my life you can’t afford any meal here. This is my last warning, leave.”Milton moved aside when a pair of couples walked by and entered the restaurant.The doorman didn’t bother to ask them if they had a reservation. If it were not for how different they dre
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Chapter Six
Everest stared at the manager as if he had lost his damn mind. His eyes darted from Milton and then to the badge. He stomped his feet to the ground, “Mr. Dalton, you are humiliating yourself by apologizing to this man.”“He is poor, anyone can smell it from a distance. I am sure this badge is fake and if not, he might have stolen it from someone. Sir, we should…”Before he finished his sentence, the manager, Mr. Dalton slapped him hard. Mr. Dalton could see themselves losing their jobs already if Everest continued mocking Milton.Milton gasped.The Jacksons had a lot of influence in the city. Mr. Dalton knew of Mr. Jack himself and he knew if Mr. Jack heard about what they did to one of his family members who had the family badge, being fired won’t be the only thing that would happen to his pathetic life.Mr. Dalton apologized again, “pardon us.”“It is okay?” Milton was unsure. This turn of events was a little bit too much.A tiny smile formed on Mr. Dalton, Milton cringed inwardly,
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Chapter Seven
"Mr. Milton? Are you insane? Milton, did you transmit your stupidity to our beloved manager." Dickson said, his face filled with malice towards Milton.Natalie chuckled awkwardly, "come on, Milton. You are no one, let alone mister. Mr. Dalton, your humor has always been fine, let not this manipulator, a cheat, and a liar get to you. Milton, off you go, shoo. Shoo." She waved in the air like Milton was some kind of a bird with an infectious airborne disease. The fight he had in him earlier disappeared, and the love of his life was bringing him down. Once again, he felt his world crashing. He stared at the manager, thinking, "how hard is it for a man to get a meal without drama?"Milton tapped the manager, "can we go." It wasn't a question, and Mr. Dalton would have agreed if Natalie hadn’t laughed maniacally and mimicked Milton, "hey, can we go." It infuriated the manager, "don’t yell at my VIP. You better shut it or else I will…" Dickson and Natalie interrupted him and started da
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Chapter Eight
Mr. Dalton couldn't believe what he was hearing. The waiter placed their jobs and lives in danger just in the name of hundred dollars, was their worth fifty dollars each?The waiter spoke, "they were unoccupied. Sir, it is just a seat."Furiously, Mr. Dalton asked, "a seat?” He leaned in and whispered, “you and I know they shouldn’t be shared. Have you forgotten who they belong to? Do I need to teach you again how this restaurant work? To repeat everything?”"I can’t believe this is about a spot,” Milton mumbled, his eyes on the food Natalie was eating with Dickson. He licked his lips, "Mr. Dalton. Enough.""No. Not enough. Apologize." Mr. Dalton said to the waiter. The waiter did and then Mr. Dalton grabbed him by the collar, “stop it now. Mr. Milton., I am sorry about the inconvenience, I will fix this immediately.”Milton shifted his weight from one leg to another. He was getting uncomfortable.By fixing, Mr. Dalton meant firing the waiter. His voice firm, he told him, “breaking ru
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Chapter Nine
They were made for each other because the moment Dickson told Natalie that Milton was a gigolo, she was on board. Anyone would have thought she would have defended her past lover and at least told him that perhaps there was something they didn’t know.Neither did she defend Milton nor point out his obsession by mentioning to Dickson that was repeating the same thing he had earlier on regarding paying someone to take Milton’s video. They continued taking pictures. Dickson zoomed in and out. He wanted to get clear ones. The ones which no one would claim, “I can’t see well. They are blurry.”All he wanted was to continue taking the pictures of the older lady with Milton, he didn’t care that it was not only a few minutes ago that they were thrown out. The fact that guard had told them, “We will arrest you for trespassing if we ever see you again.”They only thought of their benefits and what they will accomplish with the pictures. As they continued taking the pictures, Milton still was u
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Chapter Ten
Milton swirled around after noticing Brianna was staring too much behind him. He gasped. His belongings were on the floor. They were shredded into pieces. The glasses he brought with his hard work and money were shattered. Milton rushed to them and kneeled; he grabbed his favourite shirt that was cut in the middle. “Who did these?” Tears ran down his cheek, he was like a parent holding their dead kid. Milton was devastated, yes, it was not China plates and glasses, or Louis Viton's designer clothes, but he couldn’t stop the sadness that made him suffocate.Brianna stared, vowing to herself to make the person pay. She spoke into the comms, and before Milton knew it, he was lifted by two strong men down the stairs. At first, he didn’t understand what was happening, and when he looked where they came from and didn’t see Brianna, he panicked.The men said nothing, making Milton thrash and scream like a banshee. How would his night get any worse? “Help me, please. I am being kidnapped.”
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