Chapter 2032 Drunkenly in Love

At Marçal Publishing, João Paulo frowns and is upset with Gabriela drunk and talking disrespectfully about Josias. Little does he imagine that Gabriela is putting out what she really thinks of his cute brother.

“Yes, your big brother is pretty hot!” Gabriela pulls out a chair to sit on, but she nearly misses the direction of the chair and falls to the floor, “Oops! That was close. Finally... Hiccup! Where was I?”

João Paulo is outraged, “You were disrespecting my brother.”

“Oh, yes! Anyway, I thought it was a press conference, but I found out that Josias just called me... Hiccup! Finally... We talked, and we discovered intimate things... Josias told me a lot about his life. I'm going to write my article, excuse me...”

Gabriela tries to get up, but João Paulo decides to get up to help her still angry with her, “Careful, Miss Alves.”

“Thank you, João

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