Return of the Powerful Young Master

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Return of the Powerful Young Master

By: AFM31 Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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The weak and poor nerd. That’s the nickname of Rex Hart, a talented and hardworking young man, but bullied by people for being poor. They never imagined that he was the heir to a super-rich family. After enduring the humiliation, Rex decided not to hide anymore and reveal his true identity to the world!


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186 chapters
Chapter 1
BUGH!A young man tumbled into the wall because someone kicked him. As he tried to stand, someone kicked him again in the stomach and he fell to the floor.People in the class saw the incident and put on a worried face. They did not take any action, afraid that the bullies would also bully them if they helped Rex Hart. In this school, no one did not know about Rex Hart. He was a clever student who got a scholarship and was famous among the teachers. However, Rex was bullied because he had a poor background.Even though Rex had a tall and big physique, he never fought the bullies. People assumed that he was afraid of the bullies who came from wealthy families. This caused him to be bullied for years.“Look, no one wants to help you,” Julio Maxwell, the leader of the bullies, spoke with a mocking smile. “Now you understand your position, right?”The question went unanswered because Rex’s mouth was badly injured. He wanted to moan in pain, but that would only make the bullies hurt him e
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Chapter 2
Nothing special happened on the first day of college. Rex had expected it because people tended to stay away from him. He was wearing a shirt and pants that were almost faded in color. From his appearance, people must have thought that he came from a poor family.Rex was also sure that sooner or later someone would bully him like before. Still, he hoped to make normal friends with some people at college. He thought of his plan as he walked toward his department class.Because he was too focused on daydreaming, Rex did not pay attention to the road and bumped into someone. His mouth was tightly shut in fascination with the person he bumped into. That person was a girl with brown hair and shining hazel eyes.“Gosh, I’m sorry! Are you all right?”It should be Rex’s dialogue. He was guilty of having bumped into someone. However, the girl instead became the one to apologize, even though she do nothing. The girl looked worried when she saw him pick up his books, which had fallen to the grou
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Chapter 3
Rex was too shocked that he could not respond calmly to the surrounding people. He knew bullies were live streaming him. Even if he knew about it, he could do nothing but cover his body.With trembling hands, Rex picked up his shirt from the floor. Unfortunately, one of the bullies stepped on his hand and restricted his movement. He then looked up to find out that Julio was laughing at his stupidity.“You dirty pig! Do you think my beautiful girlfriend would want to be your friend?” Julio spoke as he put his arm around Chelsea, who was kissing his neck.Their actions explained everything. It turned out that they had been planning to humiliate Rex for a long time. This fact made him laugh sadly and infuriated the bullies.One of them grabbed Rex’s hair and asked the other to shoot a video. “I think this prank has blown his brain, haha! Did you guys hear his laugh earlier?” he spoke to the viewers.Rex, who was fed up, tried to free himself, but he got a slap instead. With teeth chatter
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Chapter 4
“Would you like to leave now, Young Master?”The bullies presently snapped out of their shock when they heard Morris’s voice. Even though they were shocked to death, this was not the time to sit around and do nothing. At least they had to persuade Rex to keep their family company safe.Alexis, one of the bullies, kneeled and placed his hands on Rex’s feet. With a trembling voice, he said, “The reason I bullied you all this time is that Julio forced me.”One person had betrayed Julio, and it made him clench his fists in hatred. “What are you talking about, Alexis? Aren’t you also enjoying when we bullied Julio?” he asked scornfully.“I wouldn’t have done it if I wasn’t forced by you!” Alexis denied those words while gripping Julio’s shirt collar. “You are the real culprit! You forced us to bully Rex and always threaten others using your father’s name.”Chelsea, who had been silent for a while, suddenly got an idea because she heard Alexis’ words. After all, his words sounded reasonable
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Chapter 5
Rex wanted to continue a normal life, but things would change after tonight’s incident. He believed when he got to the college tomorrow morning, Julio and his gang would keep apologizing. Arrogant people like them could not stand living in poverty.Still, Rex had no regrets about revealing his identity to them. His father’s words were indeed true. Normal life did not always bring him peace. Sometimes people could become arrogant just because they have little wealth.“Young Master, we have arrived.”Morris’s words snapped Rex out of his daydream. He stopped thinking about the bullies and quickly got out of the car. As soon as he set foot on the ground, everyone present immediately bowed to him.“Welcome back, Young Master!” they shouted in unison.Rex simply nodded and motioned for them to stand back up. Then he went into the big house in front of him. It was the house where he spent his childhood in luxury.There were always people who would help him. They would even pick up his falle
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Chapter 6
The next morning, Rex went to the college without Morris escorted or accompanied by bodyguards. He had told them not to approach him until he was given orders. Last night, he had decided to keep his identity a secret.Today, Rex would approach Julio and the bullies to ask them not to reveal his identity. Just as he passed the campus gates, Julio immediately came up to him with the bullies.“We admit that we were wrong about what we did yesterday. Therefore, please give us your generosity and forgive us!” shouted Julio, throwing away his pride so he could bow to Rex.The other bullies also bowed and apologized. Their actions caught the attention of those who passed through the gate. Of course, they knew who Julio was. Since the beginning of his appearance, the man had been arrogant and bullied weak students.Julio seemed reluctant to bow down to anyone, but now he bowed to Rex. People wonder about what happened. Yesterday, Julio and his friends still managed to be arrogant. However, to
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Chapter 7
After finishing all his classes, Rex rushed to oversee one of the supermarkets in Struthia City. He could not ask for help from anyone because Carlton forbade the bodyguards to help him. His father wanted to make him solve this problem alone.Still, it was not a big deal for Rex. After all, during these five years, he had not only spent his time studying but also training his physique. Every night after studying, he would practice at home alone. That was why today he was very enthusiastic about being able to fight people head-on.“Let’s see who will be my opponent,” Rex mumbled while wearing a mask, because he did not want to be identified. Then he walked to the supermarket.It turned out that his father was right. The thugs had ruined their supermarket’s image. When Rex got there, there was not a single car parked in front of the supermarket. He also heard from his father that the thugs were not afraid of the police.Many thugs had been reported by society. However, Ramon Ward did no
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Chapter 8
The two thugs gulped nervously, and in fear as they awaited Rex’s response. They had a strange sense that something horrible would follow this. After five minutes, Rex could still sit on Ken’s body.“Are you certain that you hurled the chair at him?” Adrian questioned as he nudged Jerome, his friend. Jerome quickly nodded, his hands shaking. “I threw the chair as hard as I could. Why he didn’t fall is beyond me. That means...!”Rex abruptly got up and started running toward Jerome, preventing him from finishing his sentence. Rex moved swiftly, leaving Jerome no time to evade. A split second later, Jerome felt a terrible agony in his gut.“Ugh, what just happened?” Jerome mumbled before spitting out blood.He must have received a blow to his stomach because blood was evident. Jerome, though, was baffled as to how Rex could assault him. The man attacked too quickly. Rex’s figure vanished from Jerome’s view after a quick blink.“I don’t like anyone getting in my way,” Rex said coldly, l
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Chapter 9
Rex stopped slapping Adrian after the thug passed out. He casually took out a handkerchief from his pants pocket and wiped the blood from his hand. It was the blood of the thugs he defeated.In these five years, Rex never fought like this. He could not get into trouble with the bullies at his school to keep his family out of it. His family would take an action if they knew he reported Julio’s actions to the school or police.That was the reason Rex had no interest in fighting the bullies. After all, their blows had no significant impact on his body. He had learned self-defense since childhood, and their blows were nothing to him. He even felt Julio’s attacks were as soft as cotton.“Why should I remember them? That sucks,” Rex mumbled, then threw away his handkerchief.He chose to leave because he had nothing else to do. The crowd rushed away while holding their breath from Rex as he approached the sidewalk. They were terrified when the young man walked past them.Someone muttered whi
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Chapter 10
Rex knew people were paying attention to his appearance, but he chose to ignore them. He was too lazy to change clothes because the distance between his house and the supermarket was too far.Besides, he also did not want to buy new clothes or send someone to the store to buy jewelry. He wanted to do everything on his own.“Excuse me.” A woman approached Rex with a friendly smile. She appeared to be the sales promotion girl in this jewelry store. “Is there anything I can do for you, Sir?”Glory Jewelry Store was a well-known jewelry store in the county of Histrio. Accordingly, it was not surprising that all the employees in the store were quite professional. Even though Rex’s look appeared odd, they sent someone to serve him.However, Rex noticed that the sales promotion girl who greeted him was a new employee. Senior employees preferred to serve other customers rather than him. It was only natural because they believed they would not receive any commission if they served Rex.“I’d li
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