Chapter 2077 Found

A few more days passed, and there was no call from the American Embassy about Katherine and J.J. Not even the corpses to be sent back to Brazil.

Josias had no choice but to carry out a symbolic burial in the cemetery. Eventually, two graves and tombstones were purchased for the service.

While Josias laid flowers on the tombstones of his ex-wife and youngest son, Amoreira approached him from behind and spoke in a respectful tone, “Mr. Rocha, I hope you can forgive me one day.”

Josias straightens up and turns to him, “Amoreira? Why do I need to forgive you?”

“I found Claudio Guzman and made it easy for your wife to leave for Boston.” Amoreira clears his throat, “If I had known…”

Josias smiles kindly, “Don't blame yourself, Amoreira. No one could know. I don't think it was you who encouraged her to go.”

“How come?”

“Someone encouraged her to look for you

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